Coronation Street SPOILER: Eva to take revenge on Maria and Aidan

She's definitely a woman scorned

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Corrie’s Maria Connor and Aidan Connor are set to rekindle their affair – and it’s not long before his girlfriend, Eva, finds out.

The cheating duo had better watch their backs when she does, because her revenge isn’t going to be pretty.

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When Maria was first released from prison, Aidan’s dad, Johnny, tried to bribe her to stay away from his son.

Maria was desperate to spill the beans about the affair they had before she was locked up for her part in an illegal marriage scam.

She’s managed to keep quiet for now, but the passion between the pair won’t go away, and it’s not long before they’re back in each other’s arms.

But Aidan’s still torn over his feelings for Maria and for Eva, so when Maria offers him a no strings attached deal, where they can carry on in secret behind Eva’s back, he jumps at the chance of having his cake and eating it.

What a dirty dog! If you ask us, BOTH women are better off without him.

As they take steps to make sure Eva doesn’t find out what’s going on, surely they can only be so careful for so long, and soon they’re going to make a mistake.

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That mistake is set to come this summer as Eva discovers what her fella and her best mate have been up to behind her back.

Show producer Kate Oates recently told Inside Soap what we can expect from the love triangle storyline.

“Aidan has let Maria down and she’s furious. The problem is, Eva’s been so good to Maria – so is Maria’s anger with Aidan enough to make her hurt Eva too?

“The other issue, though, is that the attraction between Aidan and Maria is still strong.

“This is an old-fashioned love triangle and there’s every chance that Aidan and Maria will restart their affair so when Eva finds out, she’s going to be mad!

“The question is, where will she channel that anger and who will be in her firing line?”

While her revenge should be focused on her cheating boyfriend, we reckon Eva won’t take any prisoners when she finds out what’s been going on behind her back.

She’s not a girl to be messed about and it’s almost certain Maria and Aidan will live to regret their betrayal