Coronation Street SPOILER: Daniel to LEAVE after Ken’s attack?

He's the prime suspect

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Someone pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs in last night’s Corrie and it looks like his son Daniel Osbourne is the prime suspect.

As the police launch an investigation into who lashed out at Ken, DS McKinnon starts asking questions that Daniel doesn’t like, so he promptly packs his bags.

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It turns out, Daniel isn’t just under suspicion of attacking his dad, but also another serious crime. Feeling cornered, he thinks he has no choice but to run, but does that only make him look more guilty?

There’s plenty of suspects on the list for Ken’s plunge. His grandson Adam Barlow was seen lurking in the shadows, even though Ken had chucked him out and everyone thinks he’s in Canada. But there’s every chance he could have come back to do the deed.

And Peter was pretty angry with Ken after his dad ruined his relationship with Toyah by revealing the ‘truth’ to her about Peter’s affair with Chloe. Toyah sped off in her ex-husband’s car, and Peter blamed his father.

Tracy wasn’t impressed with Ken’s rant about Deirdre wasting his life, and she was also annoyed at him putting his biological kids before her.

But Daniel is the one who finds himself being scrutinised the most closely.

Daniel was devastated when he found out girlfriend Sinead aborted their baby and she made the confession only moments before Ken’s attack.

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We’ve seen Daniel lash out before, when he pinned Chesney Brown against a wall, so we know he’s quick to temper. Could he have lost it at Ken?

There’s another thing bothering the cops though: what REALLY happened to Daniel’s mum, Denise? It’s a question fans have been asking for weeks!

Daniel claims his mother upped and left when he was 15 and he hasn’t heard from her since, but speculation has been rife that he actually KILLED her.

When Daniel visits his dad in hospital, he finds out Ken doesn’t want to see him, and that’s when he realises he’s under suspicion. DS McKinnon then asks to speak to Daniel in private.

She points out he’s managed to lie convincingly for six years to cover Denise’s absence. As she probes him further, he’s shocked that she’s implying he killed his own mother, and has now attacked Ken too.

So instead of fighting to prove his innocence, Daniel does just about the most guilty thing he can do – packs his bags and prepares to flee.

He leaves a note for Sinead, telling her he’s off, but she manages to catch up with him before he gets too far. As he explains he doesn’t like the finger of suspicion pointing at him, can she persuade him to stay?

And what exactly is he running from? Surely if he didn’t kill his mum, he’s got nothing to worry about…