Coronation Street SPOILER: Chesney takes on Daniel, but who’ll come out on top?

They've gone to war once before and it didn't end well for Chesney

Coronation Street’s Chesney Brown and Daniel Osbourne have never been friends, given Daniel stole Ches’s girlfriend and all.

But now Sinead has called it quits with Daniel, Chesney thinks his luck might be back in – if he can just keep Daniel away from Sinead.

Sinead and Daniel’s short-lived romance wasn’t exactly full of happiness. They got together while she was still with Chesney and it wasn’t long before Sinead fell pregnant.

Ken made Sinead feel she had no choice but to have a termination (Credit: ITV)

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She was going to keep the baby until Daniel’s dad, Ken Barlow, told her Daniel was wasting his life with her and kid at his age and should be allowed to pursue his Oxford dream.

Sinead then went and aborted the baby, an action which set off a chain of events which saw Ken pushed down the stairs by Daniel, leading to the return of Daniel’s mum, Denise, and the student’s complete meltdown.

When Sinead found out what Daniel had done, she realised she couldn’t be with him any more and ended their relationship.

Chesney has been by her side every step of the way, offering his unrelenting support.

Chesney is desperate to get back with Sinead (Credit: ITV)

But it’s obvious to everyone that he wants her back and he’s not just doing it to be a good friend.

Chesney was with Sinead when she found the bloodied book that Daniel attacked Ken with, so he knows he has a bargaining chip to keep Daniel away.

But following Daniel’s shock drug overdose last week, which lead to his collapse and hospitalisation, Chesney’s worried that Sinead will feel sorry for her ex and go back to him.

He warns Daniel to stay away (Credit: ITV)

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So he pays Daniel a visit and tells him in no uncertain terms to stay away from Sinead – or else he’ll go to the police with the evidence to convict him of Ken’s attack.

Will Daniel listen? Last time Chesney tried to take him on, Daniel got violent and pinned the kebab shop worker against a wall. And given what happened to Ken, we know Daniel’s slightly unhinged and has definite nasty streak. Could Chesney come off worse?

And is Sinead even interested in Chesney any more? It wasn’t just that she had her head turned by Daniel, Ches had been taking her for granted and not treating her right for months.

When Chesney asks her to go to the cinema with him and see an art house movie, is he trying too hard to be like Daniel?

Will Sinead be impressed? Or will she decide to wash both men right out of her hair?