Coronation Street SPOILER: Anna takes Phelan on

Anna is about to be horrified when she discovers what Phelan's been up to with Faye

Anna Windass and Pat Phelan have something of a chequered history in Coronation Street. Fans will remember that Phelan blackmailed Anna into sleeping with him to let son Gary and then-partner Owen Armstrong out of a dodgy deal.

The relationship fell apart after Owen discovered the truth and Anna has never forgiven Phelan – well, why would you?

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It looks like pair are going to come head to head again when Anna discovers that Phelan has been taking her daughter, Faye, to the young offenders centre to see her boyfriend, Seb.

Anna spots Faye in Phelan’s van as they head off to see Seb and scrambles into the vehicle, wanting to know what in the heck is going on. And she’s none too pleased when she discovers the truth.

She drives off, with Faye in the passenger seat and they have the mother of all rows, leaving Phelan in a cloud of smoke.

Faye then jumps out of the car and runs off, leaving Anna concerned for her safety.

Later in the week, Faye informs Anna that she’s moving in with Izzy Armstrong as her relationship with Anna has hit rock bottom. Has Anna lost Faye for good?

It was recently revealed that Phelan is about to be hit with a secret love-child of his own, Nicola, who turns out to be Seb’s mum. What are the odds?

Of course, the signs of a genetic connection were there between Seb and Phelan – the teenager is clearly a wrong un, too.

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Not only is he routinely cruel and manipulative towards his schoolgirl lover, but he also beat up her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy. Nice lad.

So how will Pat be Phelan about being Seb’s grandaddy?