Coronation Street: Sick twist as Bethany reports her abuse to cops

One of her abusers is a policeman...

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It’s a decision Corrie viewers have been screaming for – Bethany finally goes to the police to report the abuse Nathan has been inflicting.

Fans of the soap have already seen the teenager raped by his friend Neil – and abuse by a third man, Ian, is being plotted.

Exactly how this evil grooming plot escalates remains to be seen, but obviously something makes the 16-year-old schoolgirl snap.

Seemingly she has finally found the courage to report her fiance’s evil endeavours, as she heads to the local cop shop.

But the poor girl is in for an almighty shock when Neil appears – dressed in police uniform. Her rapist is a cop!

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It looks as though he gets to Bethany before she’s had chance to make a statement about the abuse, and he warns her to keep her mouth shut.

“You’re not even safe in a police station,” he goads.

“This dark twist in Bethany’s story comes as a real shock,” a TV insider told The Sun on Sunday.

“She is convinced her ordeal will end when she goes to the police station — and is utterly horrified to find out she was wrong.

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“She is terrified of Neil and terrified that her family could be at risk and her fear forces her into an even darker place.

“Things are going to get worse for Bethany long before they begin to get better.”