Coronation Street: Is Eva FAKING pregnancy?

Not everyone is convinced she's carrying Aidan's child

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The proverbial hit the fan last night in Coronation Street as Eva discovered what the rest of us have known for months: Aidan’s a doooooity rat. And Maria… well, strumpet doesn’t begin to cover it.

She arrived back from France early and very nearly caught her fella and her best friend at it. In her bed.

The cheats thought they’d got away with their seedy assignation – until Eva intercepted text messages landing them both right in it.

Deceived Eva finally learns the truth (Credit: ITV)

But there was more – Eva suspected she was pregnant.

A test initially suggested that she wasn’t – when sister Leanne looked at it. But later the ‘positive’ line appeared.

Meanwhile, she was in pieces over Aidan’s infidelity. She WAS planning on an all-guns-blazing approach as she stormed off to see Maria.

But she didn’t go through with it. Nor did she confront Aidan.

Eva was confronted by these incriminating messages (Credit: ITV)

She had another plan up her sleeve, it began to transpire as the episode progressed.

Instead of raising hell there and then, she is going to slowly and calculatedly ruin her fiance’s life.

As she broke news of the pregnancy to him, it was obvious how trapped he felt – he was, after all, gearing up to dumping her.

Some viewers aren’t convinced that the pregnancy isn’t made up, however, and just a means of Eva ensuring Aidan sticks around long enough for her to roll out her revenge plot in full…

Hmmm… what do YOU think? There was definitely something strange about the test seeming to be negative – and then positive – and then Eva apparently doing a second test (which we didn’t see) to check…

What a twist it would be. (And we kinda love it.)