Coronation Street fire leaves Adam in danger

Will he get out of this mess in one piece?

He might have smouldering good looks and ooze irresistible charm, but Corrie’s Adam Barlow doesn’t seem to have much sense.

Getting involved in a drug deal to raise cash – and sleeping with the dealer Ronan’s girlfriend Trina have left the Scot in all sorts of bother.

And when grandad Ken gets wind of what Adam’s done, the elder Barlow takes drastic action – and starts a fire!

Eh? What on earth is Ken playing at?!

Adam’s week started to go wrong when he tried to complete the drug deal as planned, but young Amy jumped in his car and insisted he took her to Deirdre’s grave.

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Her presence totally thwarted Adam’s business, and now he’s faced with Ronan demanding his cash back and making threats against Adam and his family.

To make matters about a billion times worse, Ronan knows Adam slept with Trina and is out for revenge over it.

With Ronan making his life difficult, Adam decides the best way out of this mess is to hand the bag of ill-gotten cash back to Ronan and forget the whole thing ever happened.

Simple, right?

Wrong, because Ken’s comes across the holdall stuffed with cash and is fuming.

Realising his grandson is definitely up to something dodgy, he demands answers and is astounded when Adam reveals he’s involved in dealing drugs.

Deciding drastic action is needed to take charge of the situation, Ken grabs the money and sets it alight in the back yard.

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Adam is horrified – he needs that money to pay off Ronan and without it, his life is most definitely in danger.

But Ken’s determined his family won’t be involved in drugs in any way – including handling cash that came from dealing them.

Can Adam stop him burning the lot and find enough to appease Ronan?

Or have his hopes of getting out of this situation just gone up in smoke?