Coronation Street: David Platt took a beating and viewers LOVED it!

His revenge mission came to a thundering halt

What goes around, comes around seems to be the case for Coronation Street’s derailed resident David Platt.

He hasn’t exactly been the nicest person in the world with attempts on his brother Nick’s life and various moments of madness under his belt.

So, now that he is grieving for his wife Kylie, after her shocking murder, David is in an even more vulnerable and revengeful state.

So it is no surprise that revenge is on the menu as David continues plotting.

He wants to make the family of Clayton, who stabbed Kylie, suffer as much as he is and it looks like there will be nothing that will stop him.

That was until he ran in to the father of Lauren.

She is the schoolgirl bully who has been giving Bethany a hard time. Uncle David thought he would intervene and give Lauren a taste of her own medicine.

When she visited his hair salon, he gave her a trim that she would never forget.

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Now it was payback time and with David pitching up at the Dog & Gun to get tasty with his fists on Clayton’s friends and family, Lauren’s father thought he would dish out some treatment of his own.

Unfortunately for David, sympathy is not something he seems to have garnered from the viewers.

In actual fact, those watching at home took to Twitter to share their pleasure at Dave getting a pasting.

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There seems to be nothing more satisfying for Corrie fans than seeing David in the house of pain.

The only problem is, he now has even more murderous thoughts towards Clayton’s family.

Will David use this beating as an inspiration to get justice of his own?