Coronation Street Christmas spoiler: Will Anna Windass die?

Terrible accident befalls the troubled mum

Corrie fans may be saying goodbye to Anna Windass this Xmas.

Weatherfield’s favourite cleaner has had a tough year after suffering severe burns and permanent scars from an explosion caused by David Platt.

She is on the road to recovery, but she’s been far from her normal self.

Being left home alone to look after little Jack Webster was a bad idea, as he is left helpless when Anna takes a fall from the top of the stairs.

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Without Faye and Gary in the house, nobody is around to help as lifeless Anna lay on the floor.

Jack rushes downstairs and tries to wake her.

But Anna shows no signs of ever waking up and the youngster heads out of the house in search of help.

With her existing injuries, could this be fatal for her?

Will Jack find help in time?

Disaster is also set for Sinead tinker who is seen rushing outside in a panic.

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Seeming to have been followed by someone, the blonde is then seen sprawled out on the floor as if she’s been hit from behind.

This is going to be one nail-biting episode!