EastEnders viewers baffled by Tina Carter’s unrealistic FRIED EGG

What was she doing?!

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EastEnders’ viewers were left wondering last night: exactly how long does it take to fry an egg?

It all started when Tina Carter seemed to make fried egg sandwiches for her and Michelle Fowler in record speed.

After trying to make amends with everyone she’d wronged, Michelle wasn’t having much luck and was pretty fed up as she walked through the Square.

Meanwhile Tina, grieving for her mum and still upset over her row with Shirley, had discovered she was set to be evicted after her flat was illegally sub-let.

The pair of them, who’d never really spoken before, bumped into each other in the Square gardens and shared their war stories. Michelle invited her back to Sharon’s place for a cuppa and they bonded.

As Michelle made Tina a sandwich, Teen pointed out it was very sorry looking and the only thing that would cheer them both up after the day they’d had was a fried egg sarnie instead.

Still talking to Michelle, Tina managed to heat up the pan, fry the eggs and make the sandwiches in the space of no time, leaving fans really confused over how she managed it!

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They expressed their shock on Twitter, with Irie saying: “Tina cooked that egg for like 40 seconds”, and Jane Chadwick adding: “How long does it take to fry an egg 30 seconds? Tina is magic the hob wouldn’t even have warmed up that quick [sic]”.

Danielle Miller was also in awe saying: “Wish my stove would fry an egg that quick [sic]”.

And James Abbott said: “Tina beat world record cooking fried egg in seconds”.

“Wow that’s some egg frying skills Tina! Didn’t even crack the eggs, no oil, didn’t hear it sizzling and was done in seconds!” added Alicia Penman.

“Hmmm food poisoning!” joked Anna Laughton.

In fairness, the sandwich didn’t look all that nice – even though Tina had drawn a smiley face in ketchup for Michelle.

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But at least it cheered them both up!