Coleen Nolan might have won CBB but has she lost her marriage?

Husband Ray Fensome only congratulated her by TEXT

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Coleen Nolan hasn’t exactly been private about details of her marriage breakdown.

The 51-year-old Loose Women star wanted to use her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house as a trial separation from husband Ray Fensome, but has it done the trick?

The winner has apparently now realised how much Ray means to her, although she admitted she’s only received a text from him.

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Er, is that it?!

When she was asked about her time in the house by Emma Willis on Friday night, Coleen said: “It’s made me realise how much I do need him in my life.

“Because when things did happen in the house that were hard and were sad, all my housemates were brilliant.”

So why wasn’t Ray there to welcome her after she was finally out of the mad house?

Well, it turns out that he is currently on tour with Rick Astley in America, and wasn’t able to make it back to her in time to see her crowned the champion of the 19th series.

Ray is a guitarist FYI.

Coleen spoke to MailOnline the morning after her win, and said: “I did miss him, which was great, when he gets home we will see how things are.

“I’ve put a lot of things in perspective, my life is quite good – I went in for a rest and I have come out needing rehab.”

The chat show panellist, who has been with her husband for 17 years, joked about his absence: “He’s in America so he might not come home!”

Her fellow Loose Women mates seemed VERY proud of their co-host.

Katie Price said all the “@loosewomen are winners…”

Stacey Solomon posted an affectionate: “Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! we love you…”

Nadia wished her a big congrats.

Andrea McLean also congratulated her and said “See you on @loosewomen on Monday! xx”

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We can’t wait to hear more about her CBB experience!

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