Claudia Winkleman’s X-rated comments leave Strictly fans stunned!

Who'd have thought she'd have a potty mouth?

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She may look like prim and proper posh school girl, but the fabulous Claudia Winkleman has a bit of a potty mouth on her.

Over the weekend, the quick-witted star has Strictly audience members in hysterics as she fired out a series of saucy sex gags.

During a break in filming, Claudia, dressed in a gorgeous black lace dress, not only dropped the ‘F’ bomb several times, but joked that not only was she “drunk” after having a few drinks, but had been late coming out on stage because she had been busy “playing with herself”.

What a naughty miss, eh?

But there was more to, er, come. When one of the production crew pointed out there was a white stain on her dress, she joshed that it was “just semen”.

What would poor Brucie say to that?

Although her saucy comments would have raised eyebrows had they gone out on air, audience members apparently couldn’t get enough of her cheeky humour and laughed heartily as she spat out a series of naughty comments!

“Claudia did an incredible job at keeping the audience thoroughly entertained during filming,” a show source told The Sun. “But members of the audience were shocked when she said that a white mark on her dress was semen – no one was expecting her to come out with that.”

Another source said: “Claudia is reknowned backstage for her wild sense of humour and everyone loves it. She really enjoys shocking the cast and crew with her bawdy and out-there jokes.

“And the studio audience love it too. They have to sit in the studio for hours on end while filming takes place so when she does come out and tells a few naughty jokes, they lap it up! She’s just a natural with them.”

Since Bruce Forsyth bowed out of the show and replaced by Claudia, viewers have grown to love Claudia and her kooky fringe and sense of humour, with many calling for her to be the main host of the show.

Over the weekend, Anastasia was the latest star to be booted off the show, leaving flat footed politician Ed Balls to survive another week.

And yes folks, you guessed it – that once again sparked more charges that the show is fixed. Ah, change the record! Zzzz!

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