Chanelle Hayes admits she’s “absolutely miserable” during this pregnancy

The CBB star is vomiting up to 40 times a day during second pregnancy

Chanelle Hayes has revealed that she can’t wait to slim down after her stressful second pregnancy.

The mother to six-year-old son Blakely Hayes-Bates told This Morning presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that she can’t enjoy her current pregnancy.

Chanelle, 29, is suffering from severe morning sickness, the scientific name for which is Hypermesis Gravidarum.

Eamonn and Ruth made sure Chanelle was looked after (Credit: ITV/This Morning)

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Ruth told the camera that she had put a bucket next to Chanelle, just in case she had to be sick live on air!

The poor Big Brother star said: “My hypermesis has really been wiping me out. I can throw up nearly 40 times a day. I feel so sorry for my partner and my son because I’ve just been so absent from their lives.”

Adding: “I’ve been on a drip in hospital numerous times, it’s been awful. I can’t even explain, it’s been vile.”

The mother-of-one looked a bit queasy while being interviewed (Credit: ITV/This Morning)

She also wanted to make it clear that not everybody experiences the same thing when you’re expecting.

“In no way am I ungrateful – I’m so grateful I could have a baby, especially when I’ve got polycystic ovaries and I’m overweight.”

Chanelle continued: “But it’s just such a miserable, miserable time – there’s such a lot of talk about postnatal depression but it can also make you feel really bad when you’re pregnant as well.”

“While I’m so grateful and I wouldn’t miss it for the world I don’t want to be ashamed to say I’m absolutely miserable.”

The star, who is with Ryan Oates, said that she cannot wait to get back into shape, despite previously saying that she’s her happiest at size 16.

“I can’t wait to have the baby, go on power walks and have a healthy regime. I will definitely be trying to get back to the size 10. I have 62 days left to go.

“I can’t really eat proper meals at the moment because I just have to eat what I can, when I can. It’s terrible.”

When Eamonn asked her whether she would have a third child, she quickly said: “No that won’t be happening.”

Taking to Instagram after her appearance, she shared a photo of herself, and captioned it: “Omg cheers for this screenshot @dailymail you lovely people . Good job I can laugh at myself “.

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Poor girl!

She can’t wait to get the baby out.

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