Are the cast of Gogglebox planning to strike over Scarlett?

Could jealousy threaten to scupper hIt show?

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Oh dear… Are the cast of Gogglebox about to kick off?

According to reports, some of our favourite couch-dwellers are furious that Scarlett Moffatt has been receiving preferential treatment by the show’s bosses.

Some of the cast are apparently so unhappy that she has been allowed to release DVDs, books and appear on a show like I’m A Celeb, that they have threatened to go on strike until there are some serious changes.

“Since day one of the show, all the families have been allowed to do minimal media appearances and interviews to remain as relatable as possible – which is why you rarely read about the other families,” a source (erm, name please?) told The Sun.

“Now Scarlett has her radio show, a book, the fitness DVD, her own management and now her I’m A Celebrity appearance, they feel bosses think the show won’t work without her so are going against all their own rules to keep her happy.”

The source added: “A lot of them feel very under-appreciated and have even joked about going on strike.”

Scarlett and her family joined the popular TV series in series three but love the years has become a firm viewer-favourite thanks to her brilliantly spot-on comments.

As a result of her popularity she now has an agent, published a bestselling autobiography and has just released a weight loss DVD.

Channel 4 insist the claims are untrue and said that the cast are “thrilled for Scarlett and wish her all the best in the Jungle”.