Brian McFadden mocked by The Chase fans over embarrassing answer

Viewers nicknamed the star "brain" following his incorrect answers

Brian McFadden was a contestant on ITV’s The Chase on Sunday but ended up sending viewers into hysterics with his “embarrassing” answers.

The 37-year-old took part in the quiz show in the hope of raising a healthy amount of money for charity.

But fans nicknamed the star “brain” after he claimed that Earth travels at 600 million miles per hour.

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One viewer noticed the hilarious gaffe and wrote on Twitter: “Apparently, the earth travels at 300 million miles per second, according to Brain. Sorry, I mean, Brian. #TheChase #GangOfChase.”

“So as well as being famous and much richer than us, we allow them to be flattered into thinking they’re cleverer than us too. #TheChase,” said another.

A third pointed out another simple question Brian incorrectly answered: “‘On what side of the road do Americans drive?’ ‘Left’ No, both. #TheChase.”

The Irish singer played alongside Patsy Kensit, Natalie Anderson and Esther Rantzen.

And actually, he ended up doing quite well, adding a very respectable £7,000 to the pot.

The team managed to bag a whopping £60,000 overall and went on to defeat the Chaser and take home £15,000 each for their chosen charities.

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The celebrity specials might fill a hole for those upset that the regular show is going off air for a month. It will be temporarily replaced by Rylan Clark-Neal’s new show Babushka.

And as you can imagine it has caused a commotion with viewers.

The new show is set to have a similar format to Deal or No Deal and will involve Russian dolls which may or may not contain big cash prizes.

But after fans ranted their anger over the popular show being axed temporarily Rylan was forced to set the record straight.

He wrote on Twitter: “FYI @Babushka is NOT replacing @ITVChase. The Chase is having a month break as normal and Babushka is filling that slot. Hope you like it.”

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