Brand new Dingle hunk set to spice up Emmerdale

It's going to be a smoking hot end to summer

As sleepy Yorkshire villages go, Emmerdale has got its fair share of handsome fellas, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to squeeze in one more.

And it looks like show boss Iain MacLeod is thinking along exactly the same lines as he’s planning on doing just that.

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He’s revealed a “brooding” guy will come into the show and he’ll be connected to – who else – the Dingles.

Speaking to, MacLeod revealed:

“There’s a big story that will be rooted in the Dingle family that will require a sexy, brooding young male lead to appear but I can’t say much more.

“It will be kicking off about September time.”

So just as a sizzling summer is coming to an end, the mystery man is set to send temperatures soaring again!

While the role hasn’t been cast yet, rumours are already flying around as to how he could be involved with the Dingles.

Which one is he connected to? Could Debbie have a new man in her life? Or is he somehow connected to Faith, who we’re sure is still keeping secrets about her past?

Might he have dodgy connections to Charity or Cain? Or could he be someone’s long-lost brother/cousin/uncle/father?

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Some fans are already worried he’s being brought in to stir up more trouble for Robron.

Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle seem to be back on track at the moment following Aaron’s release from prison, but with Rebecca’s baby bombshell ticking away in the background, could that all be set to change?

Will one of them cheat with this newcomer?

Well, even if that is the case, we needn’t fear for the future of the boys, with Iain admitting to The Mirror:

“In two, three, five years’ time, will Robert and Aaron be together? Yes, is the answer to that.”


So just who is this other bloke? And what will he bring to the Dingle clan?