BGT’s Missing People’s Choir tip-off draws heartbreaking blank

Parents of missing Tom Moore flew to Italy but couldn't locate the man thought to be their son

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When the Missing Person’s Choir appeared on Britain’s Got Talent last month, the nation’s hearts melted.

Comprised of people whose family members have been missing for years, they performed a self-penned song that they hoped would help find some of their loved ones.

The Missing People’s choir pulled at our heartstrings when they appeared on BGT (Credit: ITV)

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After their appearance, the choir were contacted by a school boy in Milan who had filmed a vagrant matching the description of a man highlighted by the choir who has been missing for fourteen years

Tom Moore went missing 14 years ago when he was 31 (Credit: MissingTom)

The family of Tom Moore, who would now be 45, jetted out to Italy to see if the chap in question was indeed their missing son.

However, when parents Ian, 74, and Jennifer Moore, 64, arrived  in the city earlier this week, they were unable to locate him and therefore had to return home without him.

Tom’s parents flew to Milan in the hope they’d find their son – but to no avail (Credit: Missing Tom)

But inspite of their disappointment, their search still isn’t over.

Tom’s picture and story will now be featured on Italian TV this evening in the hope it will help locate him.

Tom went missing in 2003 from his home in Richmond in Surrey and was said to be suffering from mental health issues.

He left a note for his family telling them that he was “going away for some time and don’t know when [he] will be coming back.”

Tom’s note (Credit: Missing Tom)

Although he never made contact again, his bank card was used in Ancona,Italy.

Tom’s brother Ben says that BGT has given his family their best lead so far in tracking down Tom.

“Of all of the images I’ve been sent, this is probably the closest and most realistic to Tom,” he said.

“It feels like it could be a realistic chance that we might actually find Tom.”

Since he disappeared, Tom’ family have been desperately trying to locate him and have spent almost £100, 000 in doing so.

A homeless man matching Tom’s description was filmed by an Italian school boy (Credit: Missing Tom)

They also set up a website called which keeps people up to date with the desperate search.

On the site, Tom’s sister Diana says that while they would love him back in their home, the family are just keen just to know he is safe and well.

“All we want now is to know if Tom is alive and happy,” she said.

“We love him, with all our heart and we want him back, more than anything in the world. We want to embrace him and love him all over again.”

Tom’s sister Diana says they just want to know that he is alive and well (Credit: Missing Tom)

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This latest ‘sighting;’ has really given the family a boost and Ben is hopeful the coverage in Italy will help them finally track Tom down.

However, he says that if it doesn’t work out, it has at least put his brother back in people’s minds.

“Even if nothing comes out of the sighting in Italy it has meant more people are aware about Tom and that he is missing,” he said.

“I know Tom might not want to come back and I am OK with that, but I would just like to know he is in a safe place.”