Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby to have a new year baby?

Are we really ready for the vulgar charmer to reproduce? Er....

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It seems as long as Stephen Bear is alive, romance is…dead.

And amazingly enough, he’s already planning to make a Bear-cub this year.

The tattooed reality TV devil is dating Charlotte Crosby who just so happens to be co-hosting an MTV show with him about…wait for it…couples getting tattoos!

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After all, a cynic might wonder if all of these reality TV show relationships are – in reality – real at all.

But no, Stephen and Charlotte do seem completely inseparable and Bear has already revealed he’d like to marry his girl.

Now he’s talking about making a baby and Charlotte isn’t against the idea.

Here’s Stephen’s thinking on it: ‘My plan is to impregnate Char maybe next December.’

Well it’s pretty to the point at least. He doesn’t mess around with this kind of thing, it seems.

“That’s what I would like but it’s up to the lady innit,” he added.

“You would like to do it tomorrow if you could,” Charlotte jumped in. How sweet.

“I could have one now but I’ve got to put work first and I wouldn’t really have any work if I was pregnant,” she added.

It might not be completely impossible that Charlotte already has a little bun-bear in the oven…

Charlotte revealed that she’s been sneaking off during filming of Just Tattoo Of Us for some special Bear hugs.

‘When you’re working on those 22-hour days (on set), you do sneak off!’ she said with a wink wink wink.

Charlotte has explained the relationship as ‘the most amazing’ she’s ever had and said, ‘I know I will be with Stephen forever.’

That would be a reality TV first! By the usual standards, they’ll be together until the TV show finishes and the magazine interest dries up.

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But these two are different. They’re for real and extremely close, anybody can see that. They’ve even got matching tattoos, which is nothing to do with the TV show they’re presenting at all.

Bear says he hates being away from Charlotte.