I’m A Celeb: Scarlett Moffatt pulls hilarious faces in eating trial

Bum-offee pie, chocolate nip cookies and Sicktoria sponge are all on the menu!

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So far, we’ve seen Scarlett Moffatt struggle to work a canoe and also be entombed with 120,000 creepy crawlies.

It’s pretty safe to say that she isn’t a fan of trials.

However, she has taken on one of the most gruesome challenges known to I’m A Celebrity, the eating trial.

The task, titled I’m A Celebrity Big Bush Bake Off is the kind that sees celebs force undesirable items down their throats.

TV stars Scarlett and Carol Vorderman were the duo voted to take part – you lucky things!

The pair were forced to gag their way through five rounds of stomach-churning meals prepared by camp chef, Scary Berry.

For each round they complete successfully they will win a star, worth a meal for their fellow campers.

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The menu includes chocolate nip cookies (camel nipples), French knackeroons (turkey testicles), Bum-offee Pie (cow anus) and Sicktoria sponge (vomit fruit).

Before the trial, Carol confessed: “I promised my mum that I wouldn’t eat anything rude if I got this trial.”

The Gogglebox favourite also agreed that she would give the trial a good go.

Curious as to what she could be faced with, she said: “It might be an anus muffin. If there’s garnish on the side I’ll be fine. I love a bit of garnish.”

You’ll need a lot more than garnish to cover up the taste!

Carol then thought of a way to encourage the pair to see the task through: “We’ve got to imagine we’ve been walking through the desert for days and we’re really starving and we’ll eat anything.”

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While Scarlett added: “One of my favourite foods is doner meat and a doner isn’t even like a real animal.

“I don’t know what I’m eating when I eat that so I think I’ll be fine on this Trial.”

But, judging by these pics, it’s clear the pair found the task difficult.

Scarlett can be seen pulling some bizarre faces as she tries to wolf down the snacks, and Carol doesn’t look any better.

We can’t wait to see it!

I’m A Celebrity returns to ITV tonight at 9pm

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