Are EastEnders Abi and Steven heading for an affair?

Fans certainly think it's on the cards

EastEnders Abi Branning is out to destroy her sister Lauren’s life. But is making a move on Lauren’s boyfriend, Steven Beale, all part of that plan?

And would Lauren actually even care, or is she too busy making googly eyes at boss Josh to notice?

Lauren thinks she and Abs are getting on pretty well at the moment. Her little sister accompanied her to the abortion clinic and seemed to be supportive and helpful to her.

Abi has tried to support Lauren, but feels it’s been thrown back in her face (Credit: BBC)

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But Abi is still seething with jealousy over Lauren having the perfect life, especially as her big sister keeps brushing her off to either go to work or spend time with other people.

As Abi gets increasingly annoyed with her family, she will end up telling Steven about Lauren’s abortion, but is it to win Steven for herself?

On Monday night’s episode, viewers saw Abi turn up at the Beales’ even though she knew full well Lauren was at work.

Abi made up an excuse to go and visit Steven (Credit: BBC)

She pretended she wanted her sister’s help on her 21st birthday party invite, but then asked Steven to aid her instead.

As she flirted her way through the afternoon, telling him how talented he was and dropping hints left, right and centre that Lauren wasn’t being entirely truthful with him, she eventually came right out and said it:

Abi seemed full of it as she hinted she and Steven would be a good match (Credit: BBC)

“It’s funny, on paper we make the perfect couple,” as she talked about wanting kids.

Steven laughed her off and told her she was a bit young to be having kids as she was barely out of school. Abi looked crushed – and annoyed.

Steven’s face said it all as he responded to her seeming come-on (Credit: BBC)

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But fans don’t think this rejection will be enough to deter her. In fact, they’re pretty convinced the two are going to have an affair and Abi will become pregnant with Steven’s baby.

Hmm, it sounds very plausible to us.

Though if Abi’s set to tell him about the abortion, it might be a case of taking it out on the messenger.

Speaking to Inside Soap recently, Lorna Fitzgerald, who plays Abi, revealed: “Abi’s sole purpose is to destroy this new life that Lauren has.

“I reckon she wants what Lauren has.”

And that probably includes Lauren’s boyfriend!