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Another old favourite is set to return to Albert Square!

EastEnders' iconic character is set to return in the coming weeks!

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What is it with soaps these days, as more and more of them appear to be wooing back stars from yesteryear?

It’s almost as if they are trying to regain past glories to boost flagging ratings.

Well, we’re not complaining, because as avid fans of the soaps, we love nothing more than having an old favourite walk back into our lives – a bit like seeing an old flame again.

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Well, those canny producers at EastEnders have this time pulled a right corker out of the bag and managed to woo back one of the show’s most favourite characters.

Well, we say woo back!

As far as we’re aware this one time telly favourite hasn’t really been up to much of late, so was probably pretty easy to persuade when asked if he was keen for a return to Albert Square.

Have you guessed who it is yet?

Well, let’s give you a clue.

His character is a part of a very big family in the Square that aren’t the Mitchells – and he used to have a very famous dog!

Yes folks, that’s right, it’s Dean Gaffney, who, as Robbie Jackson, is heading back to Walford after 14-years.

Although he was written out of the series back in 2003, he did return briefly in 2004 and 2010 for family weddings and popped his head in again in September 2015 when his on-screen mum Carol Jackson left the Square.

This time round he is expected to stay for some time to come.

“I’m really happy to be back,” Dean says of his character’s triumphant return!

“I’m so lucky to be given the chance to work again with such a talented group of people.

“A big thank you to Sean and the team.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

EastEnders’ executive producer Sean O’Connor says he is excited about the return of Robbie Jackson.

“I’m thrilled to welcome back Dean as Robbie Jackson, one of EastEnders’ most loved and most popular characters,” he said.

“Bridge Street Market has never quite been the same without Robbie policing it in his hi-viz jacket.

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“Dean brings a wonderful warmth and fun to his portrayal of Robbie and I’m sure that audiences will take him to their hearts again, just as they have always done.”

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