Amazing first glimpse of INSIDE the Big Brother house

Er... who lives in a house like this?

There’s just a week to go before the new series of Big Brother starts and we couldn’t be more excited

Okay, so normally few of us get excited over a new civilian series but after last year’s fantastic run featuring Georgina Leigh Cantwell, Andy West, Jayne Connery, Hughie Maughan and Ryan Ruckledge, we have high hopes that this year’s will be just as captivating.

We loved last year’s bunch of contestants and viewers took them to their hearts (Credit: Channel 5)

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But while we have to wait until launch night on Monday (5 June) to meet the madcap individuals brave enough to spend two and half months away from the real world, we can for now have a look at where they will be resting their behinds.

Yes, Entertainment Daily can invite you through the keyhole of the Big Brother house and show you some amazing shots of where the screechy wannabes will be living.

And as you’ll see it looks sensational and more like a Disneyland attraction than a house

As Rylan promised us when we met him at the LGBT awards, “there will be a very varied cast of housemates from all of Britain’s walks of life”.

Rylan told us that the contestants would be varied (Credit: AndyVision)

And the house very much reflects that.. Some parts look like a village, others more regal and other parts like an urban city scape.

When housemates enter the house, they will immediately find themselves in what looks like a quaint English village.

They will walk down some ‘stone’ steps covered in foliage and catch sight of a series of shop frontages.

The staircase (Credit: Endemol /Channel 5)

The diary room door is to the side and looks a lot more ordinary than previous years – just a brown wooden door.

However, the button housemates press to alert Big Brother that they want a meeting is still flashy but is found at the bottom of the staircase.

The living room (Credit: Endemol /Channel 5)

The living room (above), where the contestants will sit in anticipation on eviction nights has a fake grass carpet, stone paving flooring and a sofa that looks like it could be made of stone, but probably isn’t.

Meanwhile one of the bedrooms looks like its been dropped into a very urban landscape.

The urban bedroom (Credit: Endemol /Channel 5)

There’s ripped wall paper, exposed brick walls, ugly graffiti and it looks a little bit like a derelict building.

When you discover that a second bedroom (below) is a lot more luxurious and bright and colourful, it would seem obvious that contestants will have to fight over who will sleep in the ‘nice’ bedroom and who will have to rest their noggins in the dodgy one.

So could we be expecting another rich and poor scenario?

The luxurious bedroom (Credit: Endemol /Channel 5)

The bathroom (below) is bright pink and looks a bit like a doll’s house but has actually been set out as a beauty parlour.

And if you look closely you will see that the glass shower offers the housemates NO PRIVACY whatsoever.

There is no frosted glass and worse still, it also appears to look out into the garden. Awkward, unless you’re an exhibitionist. (Oh hang on, this is Big Brother! Doh!)

The beauty parlour aka the bathroom (Credit: Endemol /Channel 5)

But as you can see from another angle of the parlour (below), the room is very bright and clean – though we’re not sure how long it will be before those nice pink seats are covered with filth and housemate muck.

Another view of the beauty parlour (Credit: Endemol /Channel 5)

The garden will offer the contestants a taste of luxury and looks like we have been transported to Southfork in Dallas.

There’s a pool, ornate pots filled with flowers and a row of French windows that make this part of the house a look more lavish than the derelict bedroom.

The dining area (Credit: Endemol /Channel 5)

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Meanwhile the dining area looks like it’s been set in a cake shop, but we wonder how fresh those tasty looking cakes in the glass cabinet actually are. (CLUE: they’re plastic, so not fresh at all!)

It looks quaint, but how neat and tidy will it look once all those wannabe glamour girls and muscle heads rock up? Er, probably not very.

It all looks great, right? It sure does.

So let the countdown begin!

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