Aftermath of EastEnders crash REVEALED

Lives are on the line

EastEnders dramatic crash left the lives of Michelle Fowler, Kush Kazemi, and Kathy Beale in danger on Tuesday night.

And the show has released a trailer for what happens next, as Preston fights to save Michelle.

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“I can’t get to her!” Preston shouts as Vincent asks if anyone’s been hurt.

Martin’s seen taking the call from Whitney about the accident, but given that the last time he saw his sister he disowned her and told her he was embarrassed by her, will he rush to see if she’s okay?

The crash came after Michelle’s affair with Preston was revealed to everyone in The Vic.

A distraught Bex, who thought she was in a relationship with the handsome American, had just found out the truth from Louise. Although she didn’t believe it at first, when she saw Preston touch Michelle’s shoulder lovingly, she realised it was true.

“Are you sleeping with my boyfriend?” she asked her aunt in front of everyone in the pub.

Martin was fuming that his sister was having an affair with his daughter’s boyfriend, who was young enough to be her grandson (just!). He punched Preston and only stopped attacking him when Ian Beale came along and separated them.

Michelle cried out “I love him!” to her brother, who was gobsmacked.

He wasn’t even remotely interested in any of her reasons, he just told her he was ashamed of her.

After mixing sleeping pills and wine earlier in the evening, Michelle was starting to get groggy anyway, but as she became disorientated and stressed, she jumped in the car to hunt down Preston.

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She was driving erratically and fast, and when she saw her lover in the road, she swerved to avoid him and ended up smashing through the chippy window.

Kathy was on duty serving that evening, and Kush was in there buying chips after Denise had ditched him.

As the credits rolled on the episode, Michelle was seen slumped over the wheel, and there was no sign of Kush or Kathy.

We know Preston’s going to try to save Michelle, but will anyone realise there’s others in there before it’s too late?

Who will survive? With reports saying one family is set to be “torn apart” will it be the Kazemis, the Beales or the Fowlers facing a shock tragedy?