Celebrity X Factor viewers slam Simon Cowell for remark about Megan McKenna’s outfit

He didn't like her outfit choice

Simon Cowell has been slammed by Celebrity X Factor viewers for criticising Megan McKenna’s outfit.

Reality TV star Megan wowed with her performance as she sang an original song.

But when it came to feedback from the judges, Simon admitted he wasn’t keen on her look.

Simon wasn’t keen on Megan’s outfit (Credit: ITV)

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He told her: “Loved the song, hate the outfit. And I’ll tell you why I say that Megan.

“This isn’t whatever the Essex thing is, it is a different show and I think if you really are going to take this seriously and if this was a normal TV performance, I would say to you it’s so distracting.

Loved the song, hate the outfit.

“It reminds everyone of you being a reality star, which I know you want to move away from now. All I wanted to do was concentrate on the song and the song was beautiful.

“I’m just saying what I feel.”

Viewers gushed over Megan’s performance (Credit: ITV)

Viewers hit out at Simon on Twitter.

One person said: “Simon shouldn’t be judging anyone on how they look.”

Another wrote: “Megan McKenna, ma darling, you look amazing. Just ignore Simon’s unnecessary comments.”

A third added: “I decided to give #CelebrityXFactor a watch and straight as I turn it on. Simon is instantly judging a woman on her outfit than her vocals saying she needs to ‘take it seriously.’

“Simon Cowell couldn’t care less about artists having their own personality.”

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Others gushed over Megan’s performance.

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