Noel Edmonds and Nick Knowles on IAC

I’m A Celebrity: Noel Edmonds clashes with Nick Knowles over camp rules

Nick demanded that Noel follow the rules

It seems tensions are beginning to rise in the I’m A Celebrity camp and viewers are definitely noticing it.

During Monday night’s show, Noel Edmonds and Nick Knowles clashed over the chores and rules in the camp.

Nick, who was recently appointed camp leader, told Noel to be careful taking the lid off the big pot but Noel didn’t seem to be bothered.

Noel Edmonds on IAC
Noel didn’t seem bothered by the fire rules (Credit: ITV)

The Deal or No Deal presenter also didn’t seem bothered about the rule that three people have to be around the fire at all times for safety purposes.

After Nick offered Noel some advice about lifting the lid off the pot, Noel said: “Nick’s doing a great job reminding us of the regulations, delegating extremely well, making the right decisions, all the hallmarks of a great leader.”

Noel then checked the rules with Nick and asked if they had to keep three people around the fire at all times.

He added: “So I can’t go and get some more water?” to which Nick replied: “No, I’m equally as unexcited about the rules as you are Noel.”

Later, Nick was enjoying the sunshine and taking a dip in the pool when he noticed Noel wandering past without keeping an eye on the fire.

He asked Noel: “Has someone gone up, are there three people up there.”

Noel replied: “Yes, we’ve got three up there.”

Nick hit back: “Who is up there then, Malique [Thompson-Dwyer] and Emily [Atack]? That’s not three. I’m not giving you a hard time because I want to give you a hard time.”

Nick Knowles on IAC
Nick wasn’t impressed by Noel’s antics (Credit: ITV)

Noel said: “So no there’s a descision, do I finish getting the water and get a [bleep] or do I go straight back to camp.”

As Nick insisted he wasn’t giving Noel a telling  off, Noel headed back to camp saying: “God forbid I get an endorsement on my celebrity licence.

Speaking to Harry Redknapp, Noel added: “He doesn’t like the rules at all does he?”

Viewers watching from home were gripped by the tension and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

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