Kate Garraway and James Haskell

I’m A Celebrity viewers slam James Haskell after clash with Kate Garraway over ‘chivalry’

He insisted on putting the women first

James Haskell and Kate Garraway clashed on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! when the former rugby player insisted on putting all the women in the camp before the men.

During last night’s (24.11.19) episode, the campmates had to put their names down on a table in priority order for getting a roast dinner out of the forthcoming live trial.

I'm A Celebrity
They had to put themselves in priority order (Credit: ITV)

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When they were choosing who to put where, James ended up in a spat with Kate as he wanted to make sure all the women went first – a stance she branded “chivalrous nonsense”.

James said: “Listen, I’m an adult and I’ll choose when I want to go on the thing. It’s not… let the girls go first…”

Kate hit back: “Well I’m an adult!”

Kate Garraway
Kate just wanted to be heard (Credit: ITV)

Retired footballer Ian Wright chimed in: “Kate, what’s… this is how you ended up in the other camp. You’re too nice. He’s just trying to do something.”

But the Good Morning Britain host argued: “We’re allowed to have a view, James, and we want to put you next.”

James continued, after they got more names down on the list: “Can we just agree though, moving forward… I’m more comfortable, and I think every man in here is comfortable that women go first. So we can cut out all the chivalrous nonsense… we can cut out that nonsense. It’s just, we all want to do it.”

Kate Garraway
Everyone was just trying to do the right thing (Credit: ITV)

Kate told him: “You just said cut out chivalrous nonsense – that is chivalrous nonsense!”

“Don’t fight it, we just want to do it,” James insisted. “Kate, we just want to do it! You fight every time. Just go with it. All of us men want to do it.”

“Well, I feel that you should go first,” Kate clapped back. “I’m allowed to have a view as well.”

Later, in the Bush Telegraph, James explained: “I was always brought up [to] firmly believe that women should go first. It’s nothing to do with equality, or us being better or them being better, vice versa. It’s just good manners.”

James Haskell
James thought all the women should go before the men (Credit: ITV)

He might have meant well but that didn’t stop fans of the show slamming his views on Twitter.

One said: “I have a lot of time and respect for James because of his attitude towards mental health, and I know no malice was intended, but if he’s going to preach about people feeling their feelings, then he should have listened to what Kate had to say.”

If Kate has blatantly said she doesn’t want you to put her first, why force it?

Another wrote: “So what James is basically saying is that, as a man, his right to decide that women go first overrules the women in question’s right to decide where they’d choose to be on the list themselves? That’s anti-chivalry, surely? Soz Kate, as a woman you have to let the men decide #imacelebrity.”

A third tweeted: “I understand James wants to be a gentleman and all that, but if Kate has blatantly said she doesn’t want you to put her first, why force it? #imacelebrity.”

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Someone else said: “James is being chivalrous but there’s also an irony in him talking over Kate when she’s saying I respect what you’re doing but let me speak, it’s like contradictory attitudes at them same time lmao #ImACeleb.”

Not everyone disagreed with James though, as one viewer tweeted: “@imacelebrity Ladies first is always good in my book, very nice… and James, I happen to agree with you… once in a while let the men be gentlemen and let them treat woman like ladies… nothing wrong with it. #imacelebrity.”

Elsewhere in last night’s episode, comedian Andrew Maxwell clashed with Ian Wright – and no one could quite work out what it was all over.

Some viewers now think the funnyman will be the first to be booted off the show.

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