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Saturday 20th July 2019

Bake Off viewers baffled by epic Noel Fielding blunder

Noel may need to go back to school...

Viewers who tuned into this week's Great British Bake Off were left scratching their heads after co-host Noel Fielding made a bizarre blunder.

The quirky presenter had attempted to make a quip about Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo while the tent was whipping up some Portuguese custard tarts but, er, it didn't exactly go to plan...

Noel made a clanger on this week's Bake Off [Credit: Channel 4]

While the bakers began work on their technical challenge bakes, Noel was heard shouting out: "I've got a little Portuguese fact for you.

"Portuguese footballer Christian Ronaldo once fired a custard tart out of a bazooka!"

Er, Christian Ronaldo?

Cristiano. Not Christian [Credit: Instagram @Cristiano]

Does Noel genuinely not know his name?!

Christian Ronaldo? Get your footy knowledge sorted, mate!

And why didn't any Bake Off producers step in and correct him?

Naturally, it caused much merriment and bafflement on social media, with viewers asking if they'd heard Noel correctly and whether it had been a genuine mistake.

Oh dear...

Were there no football fans at all in the Bake Off production offices?!

It was pastry week on the latest episode, with bakers having to produce custard tarts for their technical challenge, a signature savoury shortcrust pie, and a showstopper hot water crust pastry.

Unfortunately for Julia Chernogorova, she was the baker who said goodbye.

Julia was sent home in pastry week [Credit: Channel 4]

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"Every single one of them made me smile and made me believe in myself! I couldn't have dreamt to receive such reaction and didn't expect to be so loved!

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me into your heart and riding this crazy rollercoaster with me!

"I loved every single second of it and wouldn't change it for the world."

Sorry to see you go!