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Viewers divided over fate of Holby City villain John Gaskell

Is Gaskell gone from Holby for good?

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Professor John Gaskell appeared to have met his end on Holby City last night.

The unhinged medic, who has been playing God with patients’ lives with a hazardous stem cell trial – and murdered neurosurgeon Roxanna MacMillan – was finally rumbled by his colleagues following months of deceit.

“You cheated everyone. You are killing people. You’ve been experimenting with human lives. My life,” Holby favourite Jac Naylor raged in last week’s episode as she confronted him over his unethical practices.

And it looked as if another prominent character could be bumped off by Gaskell – even after he fled the hospital with an apparent plan to take his own life.

Holby City
He certainly got away with it for a good while (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Old friend Henrik Hanssen previously concluded the deranged Professor was above board, despite suspicions about Gaskell’s behaviour which had pushed Hanssen to quiz other Holby staff members about their interactions with him.

But Hanssen was left in no doubt about Gaskell’s crimes during Tuesday’s episode, even though it seemed he may have discovered the truth too late.

“Hanssen doesn’t want to think ill of Gaskell, a man he’s known, admired and loved for so many years,” actor Guy Henry told What’s On TV.

“He’s blinded by his affection for Gaskell and refuses to believe he’s not to be trusted.”

Holby City
Poor Guy (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Having found Gaskell preparing to drown himself at a lake, Hanssen attempted to convince him to turn himself in.

Gaskell, however, was in no mood to repent and taunted his long-time associate about his dead son Fredrik.

And with Hanssen woozy from being exposed to the neurotoxin, it appeared as if Gaskell could escape justice as he walked into the water.

Holby City
She’s alive! (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

But as patient Lana was seen to gasp and then die elsewhere, an unconscious Jac was shown in a similarly precarious situation. Her eyes, however, opened again.

Back at the lake though, Gaskell was gone – having presumably chosen a watery grave.

However, viewers were mixed on whether Gaskell had been seen on the show for the last time.

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