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Saturday 24th August 2019

Holby City viewers are unimpressed with Jac's absence

Newcomer Ange isn't enough to distract them

Over the past couple of weeks, Holby City has followed the story of teenager Holly who has been suffering medical complications... and difficulties within her family.

Last night's episode focused a lot on the arrival of Holly's father Michael and the conflict between him and his ex.

Viewers branded the episode as "boring" (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Ange and her daughter Chloe were both working on Holly's case, however the pair had very different opinions on the girl's condition.

Chloe thought Ange wasn't being honest with Holly's parents saying there is a small chance she could get better when Chloe doesn't believe she will.

Ange subsequently removed her daughter from Chloe's case feeling that she was too involved.

Meanwhile, Cameron pitched the idea of doing a risky procedure on a patient, but he told Chloe this idea was also Nicky's meaning if the procedure went wrong he wouldn't be the only one in trouble.

Many viewers were not impressed with the latest episode, branding it as "boring".

#holbycity Angie and Chloe make a terrible team. They are also extremely boring to watch. Shame there is too much focus on them. [sic]

One tweeted: "#holbycity Been watching Holby City since the beginning. Dropped out a few years ago as it was becoming dire. Took it back up about 5 years ago but, really, I'm done again now. Boring is an understatement." [sic]

A second tweeted: "Not sure if it's me that's unreceptive or if it's this episode that's very boring tonight. Or both.  #HolbyCity" [sic]

A third wrote: "#holbycity Angie and Chloe make a terrible team. They are also extremely boring to watch. Shame there is too much focus on them." [sic]

#HolbyCity..... BORING!! thought I'd lost interest last week jeez what's happened with the writers??" A fourth tweeted. [sic]

They didn't like Chloe sitting on Jac's "throne" (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Viewers were also unhappy with Chloe taking over Darwin Ward while Jac was away.

One tweeted: "Oi! Get off Jac Naylor's throne!" #HolbyCity"

A second put: "She needs to get out of Jac Naylor's chair right now! #HolbyCity"

Fans missed Jac last night (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

A third tweeted: "Get out of Jac's seat Chloe you have no right #HolbyCity"

A fourth wrote: "Holby City is poor this year, too many change going on.  And suddenly Chloe just steps into Jac's shoes? #HolbyCity" [sic]

Chloe arrived at the hospital a few weeks ago after Ange found out she was the only person Holly responded well to.

Ange and Chloe have been working together to look after Holly (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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There have been a lot of new characters joining the show, while some favourites have departed... perhaps viewers just need to get to know them a little better to feel invested.

The good news is that old fave Zosia will be back next week... with a huge secret. This should definitely liven things up!

Holby City airs on Tuesday nights on BBC One at 8pm.

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