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Saturday 24th August 2019

Holby City SPOILER: Colleagues turn on Ric as he wages war against Trust?

He's displaying worrying behaviour

In tonight's episode of Holby City, an increasingly desperate Ric enlists help from former flame Francoise Durand in order to help publicise the pressure the hospital is under.

Last week  we saw the hospital hit with an influx of patients after a gang fight broke out during a winter crisis.

A patient's surgery was pushed back multiple times and, in order to be moved up as an emergency, he threw himself down the stairs. He later died which was thought to be due to an internal haemorrhage.

Ric made a speech outside the hospital stating: "We depend on heroes and miracles. One day there won't be any heroes."

(Credit: BBC)

He invites Francoise to Holby City to see for herself how bad the situation is in the AAU.

However when he encourages a patient to take up a case against the Trust he risks alienating himself from his colleagues.

Serena gives him a warning about dragging his colleagues names through the mud, but will he listen to her?

Ange has an idea that may help (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, teenager Holly refuses to consent to surgery to repair her aortic aneurysm until she's heard from her father in Australia.

Ange is at the end of her tether and brings her daughter Chloe in again to try and help change the girl's mind.

She has an idea that may help... but Holly's mum makes a shocking confession.

Nicky and Cameron go head to head (Credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, Nicky and Cameron go head to head for the chance to go to a conference in Naples as Jac's research assistant.

Nicky is exhausted from working extra shifts. When Cameron suggests a power nap, is he out to get Nicky or has he got her back?

Holby City airs Tuesdays on BBC One at 8pm

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