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Monday 14th October 2019

Holby City SPOILER: Dom discovers a shocking secret about his childhood

It's the week of Holly's funeral

In tonight's visit to Holby City, Ange is still reeling after the Holly Cartwright case and throws herself into her work.

It's the week of Holly's funeral and both Ange and Chloe are feeling emotional.

But Ange is soon distracted when she see's a face she recognises... someone from her past, bringing back memories.

As she begins to piece things together she uncovers a long-buried secret.

What is Ange's big secret? (Credit: BBC Pictures)

Ange first appeared in Holby back in January with friend and colleague Tom Campbell-Gore.

She began treating patient Holly. Although the stubborn teenager refused surgery, she soon discovered the one person Holly responded well to was none other than her daughter Chloe.

After Holly had suffered with medical complications, the chances of her waking up and making a full recovery were near impossible.

Ange's daughter arrived at Holby City to help with Holly Cartwright (Credit: BBC)

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Holly's parents had taken Holby to court for their right to remove their daughter from the hospital to try an unproven medical treatment in America causing a media storm and protests outside the hospital.

Last week, the hospital found in favour of Holby, and Ange finally persuaded Holly's mother Ruth that letting Holly go was the right thing to do.

Ruth and Holly's father then made the heartbreaking decision to have Holly's life support turned off and the teenager passed away.

However, this wasn't the end as Ange's personal details were published online and with the very serious death threats made against her, she had to be taken to a safe location by the police.

It's Dom's birthday (Credit: BBC Pictures)

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Also in tonight's episode, it's Dominic's birthday. On Sacha's first day back since the car accident, he brings a birthday cake.

However, Dominic's birthday party takes an unexpected turn when he makes a discovery about his childhood.

Life for him - personally and at work - will never be the same again...

Holby City continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One

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