Casualty SPOILER: Connie left for dead, Iain jailed and Charlie and Duffy to split!?

The show's explosive winter trailer has dropped...

Casualty’s winter trailer has arrived – and it shows “things falling apart” for some of our favourite characters.

In the dramatic 1.41 minute short film, we hear the voice of paramedic Ruby talking over the ominous knoll of the death bell usually only heard at funerals.

Connie Beauchamp is seen in a very bad way in the new Casualty trailer (Credit: BBC)

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And, devastatingly for viewers, the bell might be ringing out for Connie Beauchamp.

As Ruby talks over the scenes of devastation, we see Connie lying on her back at the foot of some stairs – but did she fall or was she pushed?

With blood pouring from wounds on her face, her diagnosis doesn’t look good. But who would attack her and why?

Connie Beauchamp pushed down steps
Does someone push Connie down the steps? (Credit: BBC)

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Meanwhile, we also see Duffy begging Charlie: “Please don”t do this Charlie. We’re a team, you said.”

But a resigned Charlie, unable to forgive his wife for a one-night-stand, responds: “I can’t fight anymore, Duffy. I’m sorry.”

Duffy is then seen walking away in despair.


Will our fave couple split? (Credit: BBC)
Will our fave couple ‘Chuffy’ split up for good? (Credit: BBC)

A voiceover sadly laments: “We can do everything right, and still feel like we’ve failed.

“Because we’re the ones on the front line.

“And when it goes wrong like today, it causes too much pain for too many people.”

In the atmospheric trailer posted on the official Casualty Twitter account to its 398,000 followers, we also see Iain hit rock bottom as he ends up in prison.

Iain in jail in Casualty
Iain is in big trouble (Credit: BBC)

Iain has been on a downward spiral since the summer, when a fatal motorway pile-up killed his partner Sam.

Blaming himself, Iain has been suffering in silence – until his anger and self-hatred boils over in the dramatic upcoming scenes.

Meanwhile, a callout goes horrible wrong for Ruby when she is held at gunpoint and held hostage.

In happier scenes, Ethan is seen proposing to Alicia who answers him with a kiss. But is that a yes or a no?

We demands answers!

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