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Friday 13th December 2019

One Born Every Minute TEASER - new dad faints during birth!

Ben had told himself to "man up"

It's all too much for one expectant father on tonight's One Born Every Minute — he faints as his partner gives birth.

Ben, 29, collapses to the floor of the delivery room as the midwife encourages Amy, 23, to make one last push.

Ben collapses to the floor (Credit: Channel 4)

The new dad had been suffering from sympathy pains and cravings.

I just feel like I've got to be strong for her, so I need to man up a bit, for sure.

But Ben insisted beforehand he needed to "man up" for the birth.

He said of the impending delivery: "It has shocked me, the amount that the emotions changed."

Turning to Amy he added: "You've turned me into a right softie.

"I can't even watch telly now without crying.

"I just feel like I've got to be strong for her, so I need to man up a bit, for sure."

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The proud couple (Credit: Channel 4)

Amy said: "From the moment we found out we were pregnant, he's been extremely emotional, and that's nice to see."

Viewers will see Ben pass out at his partner's side while holding the gas-and-air pipe for her.

The couple met in a car park at work.

Within three months they were expecting their first child.

One Born Every Minute (Credit: Channel 4)

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* One Born Every Minute is on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm.