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Sunday 26th January 2020

This Morning viewers shocked by Gino D'Acampo's VERY raunchy advice

Holly and Phil were left blushing!

He's become well-known for his cheekiness but This Morning viewers were left spitting out their tea when Gino D'Acampo took things a step too far on Tuesday!

The chef left viewers "howling" with laughter after delivering a very cheeky piece of advice during a cooking phone-in.

Even Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield struggled to contain their giggles after Gino's bold remark.

Holly and Phil were shocked! (Credit: ITV)

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He was hosting a phone-in to solve people's culinary issues, and one woman called in to say she's pregnant and about to move in with her partner, but he's not really the best of chefs.

At first Gino suggested a few easy dishes, such as pasta, that her boyfriend could get the hang of, before things turned a bit cheeky.

Gino's advice was rather racy (Credit: ITV)

Adopting a conspiratorial tone, he pointed out this female caller had one thing her boyfriend really wanted....

You know just what that is, right?

Gino on This Morning. If your man can't cook, tell him he has to otherwise no sex, basically.

Taking things even further, he not-so-subtly suggested that if her man doesn't learn to cook, the solution is simple: withhold that very thing her man really, really enjoys.

Oh, Gino!

The co-hosts blushed after Gino's remark (Credit: ITV)

Holly and Phil dissolved into laughter, while the surprised caller told Gino she'd take his words of wisdom on board.

Viewers were also tickled, with one summing it up neatly by tweeting: "Gino on This Morning. If your man can't cook, tell him he has to otherwise no sex, basically."

Pretty much!

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It was a funny segment all around as it opened with Gino heard on camera asking Holly and Phil when they were live, to which Holly replied: "Right now!"

Oops Gino, may want to keep an eye on the clock!