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Friday 23rd August 2019

Holly Willoughby in tears over Phillip Schofield's hilarious April Fool's Day prank

Well played, Phil...

This Morning fans were left crying with laughter after falling for a dramatic April Fools' stunt on today's show.

An actress posing as a viewer was given a makeover and brought out into the studio for presenters Phillip Schofield, 57, and Holly Willoughby, 38, to see the results.

But the guest, dressed in a shiny pink dress with white boots and wearing heavy eye makeup, admitted she hated the outfit and started to cry.

The guest burst out crying when she saw herself in the mirror (Credit: ITV)

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Sobbing, she asked if she could leave and the presenters, visibly upset by her reaction, ushered her outside where a waiting car would take her to a special lunch.

The situation worsened when the vehicle drove off - only to crash as it left the This Morning studio building.

The car she was in crashed on its way out (Credit: ITV)

A devastated Holly covered her mouth, telling viewers it was time to go to a break.

But Phil quickly burst out, "April Fools!" and Holly, wiping away tears, shouted: "I hate you all!"

The gag brought Holly to tears (Credit: ITV)

He then revealed that the guest was actually an actress called Amy and the car was driven by a stunt team.

Holly wasn't the only one fooled by the gag, as viewers took to Twitter to comment on the guest's awful outfit and tears as the scenes aired.

The best April Fools I've ever seen. Literally crying with laughter!

One wrote: "Oh God, I'm crying for her."

A second tweeted: "Poor woman is crying at her makeover. I honestly think this is the worst I've ever seen. Sorry, I think the dress and the cowboy boots look shocking!"

Another wrote: "OMG, that poor woman on This Morning! Why would you do that to someone? Makeover from hell. No wonder she is crying!"

Others were in hysterics and said it had them crying with laughter.

Someone tweeted: "Had me absolutely crying tears of laughter at the TV."

Another commented: "I'm actually crying. They had me for a second."

A third said: "The best April Fools I've ever seen. Literally crying with laughter!"

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One viewer who fell for the stunt said it was the dramatic car crash at the end that gave it all away.

They tweeted: "This Morning just had me, at first when the actor was crying and asked to stop filming I couldn't believe what was I was witnessing, but it wasn't until the car crashed I knew it was an April Fools' joke."

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