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Sunday 15th December 2019

This Morning slammed for 'glamorising shoplifting' by interviewing career criminal AGAIN

She claims she made £2million from stealing, but has turned over a new leaf

This Morning viewers have slammed the ITV show for featuring an allegedly "inappropriate" and "pointless" interview with a career criminal.

On Friday (August 2), Kim Farry joined hosts Ben Shephard and Rochelle Humes in the studio to talk about her profitable life as a shoplifter.

She claims to have stolen goods worth £2million (Credit: ITV)

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And it wasn't the first time she had appeared on the show.

Kim, who now says she has turned over a new leaf, claims her illegal lifestyle allowed her to wear designer clothes, drive expensive cars and go on endless holidays.

Her 45-year shoplifting habit once saw her 'earn' up to £20,000 pounds a month - two million pounds in total!

She told Ben and Rochelle: "In the end, because I was so good at it, it was just a business. Like you've got a job, I've got a job."

Kim now wants to help others escape crime (Credit: ITV)

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She also admitted she became so successful at stealing that she began to employ other people to go back to stores with de-tagged stolen goods and get money back for them.

However, after serving five prison sentences, Kim has now decided to leave it all behind for the sake of her daughter Paris who "wanted a normal life".

What's with this interview? Feels like it's glamorising shoplifting? Completely inappropriate!

She has now written a book about her crimes, with part of the fee going to charity she says, which she discussed with the This Morning hosts.

But fans weren't happy about her appearance on the show at all, and accused them of "glamorising" criminality.

One fumed: "What's with this interview? Feels like it's glamorising shoplifting? Getting a step-by-step on how to do it too. Completely inappropriate. #ThisMorning."

Another agreed, recalling when she was on the show before, typing: "Why put this woman on again? Giving a vile thief airtime? Even Schofe told her things should be bolted down to stop her robbing. Get a job you rat #ThisMorning."

A third blasted: "Why on earth would This Morning pay someone to sit on that sofa telling the country she's a thief and criminal? Beggars belief. Morals of an alley cat, disgusting. This Morning should be ashamed."

Sorry Kim, the viewers just weren't that into you! (Credit:

"Why have they brought this absolute scumbag on This Morning trying to justify theft?" asked another, while one more tweeted: "So This Morning is promoting a thief who now is writing a book.

"What are the chances of the profits going back to the companies that she stole from? People have probably lost jobs and businesses because of this woman. Shoplifting is not a victimless crime!"

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