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Monday 24th February 2020

This Morning fans criticise woman who wants breast reduction surgery on NHS

She has size 48J breasts

This Morning viewers have criticised a woman who claimed her 48J breasts are ruining her life.

Fiona Hornby, 25, appeared on today's show as she desperately seeks specialist surgery to be able to live a normal life.

Fiona revealed she has been turned down for NHS funded breast reduction surgery despite being in agony.

Fiona revealed she has been turned down for NHS funded breast reduction surgery (Credit: ITV)

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Mum-of-one Fiona suffers from the rare condition Macromastia, which causes breast tissue to continue to grow and become abnormally large.

She told stand-in hosts John Barrowman and Rochelle Humes: "It's so difficult every day. It's uncomfortable with or without a bra. It's something that's a struggle every single day.

"They're just there and in the way and they cause me so much pain."

Fiona revealed she's been "back and forth" to the doctors "for years" about her breasts.

Speaking about the possibility of herself having reduction surgery, Fiona said: "[Doctors] said there's no chance I'll ever get a reduction.

Fiona said she's got size 48J breasts (Credit: ITV)

"The first few times I went, I was a lot thinner than I am now.

She needs to lose weight and then get a breast reduction.

"They said it was because of Brexit. The way Britain is now and the economy there's no way you'll get it funded on the NHS. That was a bit of a shock."

An NHS spokesperson told the show: "The NHS does offer breast reduction surgery for patients who benefit in line with national guidance developed with patient groups, surgeons and medical experts."

When asked whether she thinks doctors want to wait until she's done having children, Fiona said: "No, I don't think it's that because the first time I went I was nine or 10 stone and even then they wouldn't let me get a reduction.

Fiona insisted she's "constantly on a diet" (Credit: ITV)

"I was told it was cosmetic. It's far from cosmetic. I have noticed [they are getting bigger] and obviously it's difficult for me to exercise, even though I am constantly on a diet."

Viewers watching from home shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One person said: "If the lady gets a PT or join a weight loss group, her boobs will shrink. Small portions, lots of veggies and cut down the sugar #ThisMorning."

Another wrote: "This story is silly. She needs to lose weight and then get a breast reduction. If the NHS won't pay she will have to save/use money from #thismorning and get it done privately."

A third tweeted: "Can she not try and lose weight ffs? #ThisMorning."

Others offered support to Fiona.

One person said: "Poor kid. She won't get any sympathy. I suspect her issues have a lot to do with her weight but I don't think her losing weight would solve this issue either.

"I hope someone offers her some fitness/diet help so she can see if it works first. #ThisMorning."

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Another wrote: "Give her the benefit of the doubt, guys. She might be on a diet but going about it the wrong way.

"Sometimes going on a diet can mean you retain more weight than you lose which can be part of the problem! #ThisMorning."

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