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Wednesday 19th February 2020

Phillip Schofield slammed for grilling This Morning guest who quit job to eat 5,000 calorie meals on YouTube

Charna Rowley quit her job to eat food on YouTube

Viewers of This Morning have criticised Phillip Schofield for grilling a guest who quit her job to make Mukbang videos on YouTube.

If you didn't know, online craze Mukbang - which originated in South Korea - sees people devour endless calories on camera for the pleasure of viewers.

Charna Rowley was attracted by the trend and now makes videos of herself eating delicious meals for thousands of subscribers.

Charna, 22, quit her job and now focuses her time in making content for her YouTube channel (Credit: ITV)

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Charna, 22, quit her job and now focuses her time in making content for her YouTube channel.

Appearing on the daytime show, Charna explained why she chooses to spend thousands on food for the videos as concerned hosts Holly Willoughby and Phil as well as Dr Zoe shared their thoughts.

Phil said: "You make a noise when you eat? There's no way I would ever watch it because I cannot stand people who chew with their mouths open. Noisy eating drives me crazy."

Charna said: "I think it's a Marmite thing - you either love it or you don't."

The presenters were concerned about the health impacts eating the meals were having on Charna (Credit: ITV)

Holly then asked: "How much do people love it? Some people say people love it as far as… it’s quite a sexual thing."

Charna admitted: "Some people have asked if it’s a [sexual thing], but I’ve never got any comments insinuating it’s a sexual thing.

There's no way I would ever watch it because I cannot stand people who chew with their mouths open.

"It’s more of a, 'you make me so hungry, I really want to eat this food as well.'"

Phil asked: "There will be people watching [saying] isn't this just a case of you'll do anything to be famous?" to which Charna said: "No, it's nothing like that. I just loved the production of it all and sitting down and recording videos and expressing myself.

Charna makes videos of herself eating delicious meals for her thousands of subscribers (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

"I feel like [for] a lot of young people, it's really hard to get yourself out there and just be yourself."

Phil asked: "But why be out there eating at all? Why does the world need this?"

Charna replied: "It wasn't really for the world, it was for me," to which Phil said: "It wasn't really for you though was it? You did it because you saw other videos and there is no doubt that the most successful Mukbangers are earning £100K plus easily."

Charna said: "Yeah they probably are but it was never about money for me."

Phil said he can't stand "noisy eaters" (Credit: ITV)

When asked if she thinks about the impact eating the high-calorie meals has on her health, Charna said: "Obviously yeah. I might order 5,000 calories worth of food but I would never eat it.

"I might one day if I'm really hungry but there's been so many occasions when I've ordered this much food and ate less than half of it."

Phil asked: "Have you put weight on whilst you've been doing it?" to which Charna said: "I don't believe I have."

Viewers listening to the interview were divided on Twitter, with some people not happy with Phil's questioning.

One said: "People fat shaming this girl on #ThisMorning are horrible. Phil and Holly have a very condescending attitude and I’m shocked at how they’ve been speaking to this girl, you keep doing what you love."

Another wrote: "Loving the #mukbang girl on #ThisMorning - but the doctor and @Schofe are being realty hard on her. Let her have her fun."

A third sarcastically tweeted: "Phil Schofield criticising a mukbang girl for copying others in order to get famous and make money. Which is legitimate, as he was the first ever man to present a telly show in all of history."

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Others expressed their concerns for Charna and criticised her decision.

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