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Friday 21st February 2020

Mel B and sister Danielle 'closer than ever' after 10-year feud

Reunited after ten years!

Spice Girl Mel B and her younger sister Danielle have appeared on This Morning to discuss the rift that tore their family apart and left Mel "isolated" from her family for ten years.

Opening up to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Mel said that her former husband Stephen Belafonte was "very controlling".

She claimed he texted and emailed her family pretending to be her, saying that she didn't want any contact with them.

Mel B and her sister Danielle appeared on This Morning to discuss their ten-year rift (Credit: ITV)

Mel said: "I was in a ten-year marriage and it wasn't a nice marriage at all and I got isolated from my friends and family."

Danielle revealed that, although they spoke to Mel at the beginning of her marriage, that didn't last "for long".

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She said: "A lot of the close friends and people who always worked for you kind of got pushed to one side and then we were the last ones to go, me, my mum and my dad."

Mel explained: "Because I lived in LA, my trips back to Leeds got less and less and less because my then-husband was very controlling and it was very mean that he did that to our family."

Danielle was thrilled to attend the recent Spice Girls reunion shows (Credit: Instagram)

Holly asked Mel about a phone call after the couple's vow renewal ceremony in Egypt, where she called to tell her mum and sister that she didn't want any more contact.

Revealing that they weren't even her words, Mel said: "It's a thing of if I don't say it like this there's going to be a big argument and fight and I didn't want that to keep on happening, even though it did happen constantly for ten years."

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She added: "For me to be isolated from my family was a constant battle that I always lost."

Speaking about rebuilding their relationship, Mel said it has been "quite a healing process", adding that, after she and Stephen divorced, "there was a lot of apologising that I had to do".

The sisters opened up to Holly and Phil on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

Mel continued: "When you're in that kind of relationship it doesn't just affect you – it affects your friends, your family, your kids, everybody."

Danielle found the experience traumatising, too.

She said: "Lots of people would say why can't you just turn up at her house? People didn't really understand or believe it, oh she looks fine on TV, but her eyes to me always looked dead."

Because I lived in LA, my trips back to Leeds got less and less and less because my then-husband was very controlling and it was very mean that he did that to our family.

She added: "When we would find out her phone number or address she'd move home or change her number or you'd get a horrible email saying I want nothing to do with you and later on we'd find out it was him replying not Melanie, on her email."

This Morning contacted a rep for Belafonte, who called Mel's claims "fraud".

Mel said she was in a controlling relationship with Stephen Belafonte (Credit: Wenn)

The Spice Girl – who is mum to Phoenix, 20, Angel, 12, and Madison, seven – had now teamed up with Women's Aid to help other people in abusive relatipnships.

She said: "I lost ten years of being with my mum and my sister. If what I've said is a lie, sue me."

Admitting that it's "up and down" since their reunion, Danielle admitted it has been a "roller coaster" and admitted she has felt like "an only child" for the past decade.

However, she added that she had been to see her big sister's recent Spice Girls reunion tour and added: "A lot's been said and done but we're good, it's a healing process and we're probably closer now because of it."

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