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Tuesday 18th June 2019

'Fat' Eamonn Holmes warned he could have a heart attack

Harsh or fair?

Eamonn Holmes was given a reality check over his size by a weightloss guru on Friday's This Morning.

Steve Miller bluntly told the Irish presenter that he was risking his own life because he'd put on a few pounds - telling him he was being so honest for his own good.

Steve told Eamonn the fat around his waist was dangerous to his health (Credit: ITV)

"The fat round here is really dangerous," he said, referring to Eamonn's waistline. "I don't want you having a heart attack or a stroke. I don't want you in a box."

Steve added that being overweight also increases the risk of cancer and dementia, and he didn't want this to happen to Eamonn.

I'm a little bit worried you've put a little bit on.

Ruth refused to be drawn on whether her husband had gained weight (Credit: ITV)

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"You are a national treasure and I'm a little bit worried you've put a little bit on," he told him.

"Do you think so?" Eamonn, 58, replied in shock.

His wife and co-host Ruth Langsford diplomatically chipped in, "I'm saying nothing," when Steve asked if she agreed with him - but she did give a sly nod.

"Well, she's a feeder!" Eamonn said in his defence, admitting he had a weakness for fried chicken. He added that he needed something to "motivate" him to lose weight and tone up.

Steve said Eamonn was at risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and dementia if he didn't lose weight (Credit: ITV)

Steve, who once lost four stone himself, told him: "For you, it's life!"

He advised Eamonn, and anyone else who wants to lose weight for the sake of their health, to "talk" to their food, telling unhealthy snacks like muffins to "fat off".

He also recommended looking at a photo of yourself overweight and at photos of clothes you want to be able to fit into regularly, to condition the mind at staying focussed on a transformation.

Eamonn had to face being told he was fat, after telling Ruth last week she needed to slim down (Credit: ITV)

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Last week, Eamonn faced the wrath of This Morning viewers when he said Ruth was too fat.

Now he's had a taste of his own medicine as Steve told him, "you don't get fat on that," as he mocked the presenter for saying he preferred to eat fruit over muffins.

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