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Sunday Brunch viewers in stitches as TV star drops F-bomb live on air

Sweary gaffe happened during a teabag-throwing contest

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Fleabag star Sian Clifford may have wished the ground would swallow her up this morning as she made a massive boo-boo live on Sunday Brunch.

The actress, 36 – who plays Claire in the BBC comedy series – was participating in a teabag-throwing contest with presenters Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer when she made the on air faux pas.

As she missed the target with her teabag, she seemed to forget that she was live on air and uttered the F-word.

Needless to say, viewers at home heard it loud and clear – and were soon expressing their thoughts on social media.

Sian and Tim looked shocked after Sian dropped her blooper (Credit: Channel 4)

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As soon as Sian realised what she’d said, she doubled over with embarrassment as Tim tried to restore order in the studio.

The presenter, 50, told viewers: “Can I just apologise for that language?”

But while the people at home didn’t seem offended, they certainly weren’t going to let the incident go without passing comment.

One tweeted: “😂 Brilliant Sunday Swearing!! #teabagthrow.”

The Fleabag actress was so embarrassed (Credit: Channel 4)

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Another added: “Swearing at failed teabag throwing on @SundayBrunchC4. Made my morning 😂 #gohardorgohome.”

“Don’t you just love live TV!! #FBomb,” said a third.

Another quipped: “There goes Sian’s TV career.”

And yet another fan gasped: “Out of all the guests, I never thought Sian would of [sic] been the potty mouth.”

That last tweet may have been a reference to the fact that Keith Lemon was also on the show.

Mind you, the controversial funnyman threatened to continue the sweary theme when he made his appearance, deliberately shouting out a number of words beginning with ‘F’.

Thankfully for Tim and Simon, he stopped short of dropping another dose of profanity.

Sian’s mistake isn’t the first time a Sunday Brunch guest has used bad language on the show.

Last year, Made In Chelsea star Alik Alfus did a similar thing when Tim and Simon interviewed him in the studio.

Maybe they’ll have to start broadcasting the show on delay…

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