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Thursday 20th June 2019

Lorraine viewers slam "uncomfortable" interview with bored-looking Tim Roth

The presenter ended up calling him out for being rubbish

Not all actors enjoy the other half of their job - the promo part - and fans of Lorraine flocked to Twitter to slam one particular TV star's interview on Friday morning.

Scottish presenter, Lorraine Kelly had Tim Roth on her show to speak about his series, Tin Star, but fans pointed out that he clearly didn't want to be there, adding that he looked "bored" and "uncomfortable."

Viewers accused him of looking "bored" (Credit: ITV)

The chat started out a little chilly as Lorraine opened the interview by complimenting Tim, saying: "You suffer for your art!"

He replied defensively: "No I don't. I make everyone else suffer." The 57-year-old then interrupted Lorraine by declaring: "I hate that!" when producers displayed his picture on the big screen behind them.

The veteran actor moaned about his picture (Credit: ITV)

The actor, who has been in the limelight for more than 30 years, then pulled several bored-looking faces throughout the chat, resting his face in his hands, and slouching down in his chair.

I would never encourage anyone to get into acting, no, it's a nightmare.

He seemingly didn't have much positive to say, even slamming his own profession and telling Lorraine, 59: "I would never encourage anyone to get into acting. No, it's a nightmare."

Things didn't get any better as the interview ended as Lorraine asked him when the new series started and he shrugged, replying: "I've no idea."

Tim slouched down in his chair and looked half-asleep at times (Credit: ITV)

She lost patience, telling him: "You're hopeless! You're rubbish. You're rubbish at plugging!"

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Those watching at home were shocked by the chat, with one tweeting: "#Lorraine so uncomfortable watching the interview with Tim Roth...Slouching, always wiping his nose and chewing his lip!!!"

He told the presenter acting is a "nightmare" (Credit: ITV)

Another complained: "I've never seen anyone look so uncomfortable on that sofa #lorraine... he's far too cool to be sat there."

A third added: "Tim Roth what’s up with him? Looks ridiculous sitting there, with his head in his hand. Go home ya [bleep]! If you can’t be bothered to promote yourself & tell us all how wonderful you are without looking like you’re doing us all a favour by being there - Bore off!!!#lorraine."

Fans were surprised by his behaviour (Credit: ITV)

While a fourth said simply: "Shocking interview! #TimRoth."

Many more tweeted how obvious it was that Tim dislikes being interviewed, with one writing: "Tim Roth looks like he has no idea where he is or what he’s talking about #lorraine."

Lorraine ended up telling him off for being "rubbish" (Credit: ITV)

A third wrote: "Tim Roth clearly hates being interviewed 😂 #Lorraine."

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This is one to watch for anyone who thinks Lorraine Kelly's job is easy. Rather her than us...

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