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Tuesday 19th March 2019

Stacey Solomon and Nadia Sawalha's dads surprise them on Loose Women

They couldn't believe it!

Stacey Solomon and Nadia Sawalha were left shocked as their dads surprised them on Thursday's Loose Women.

The unexpected appearances happened when the panel were discussing embarrassing dads with father-and-son duo, Larry and George Lamb.

Speaking about her dad, David, Stacey said: "I have got the most embarrassing dad. He's like my biggest fan which is lovely but sometimes it can get a bit much.

David sent a message to his daughter (Credit: ITV)

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"And he's also very inappropriate and he doesn't realise it. Sometimes I'm like, 'I cannot believe this is coming out of my dad's mouth'."

Nadia then cut in: "Well, it's funny you should say that because what we thought we would do is get him to do you a message."

As Stacey's jaw dropped, her dad's message played on screen.

David said: "Hey Stacey! Surprise! I hear today is all about embarrassing and cool fathers, well I think I'm a cool one.

"To be honest with you, the only thing I can ever remember embarrassing you about is when you used to have boyfriends come and knock at the door and say, 'is Stacey there?'

Stacey was left red-faced after watching her dad's sweet message (Credit: ITV)

"I used to say, 'sorry, she's not ready yet, come inside let's have a little chat.'"

I've always wanted to get him here in the studio.

He added: "I'd have a chat with them and then you'd never hear from them again! Not sure why? Have a great day, bye!"

As a red-faced Stacey hid her face in her hands, the panel moved on to Nadia and her dad, Nadim.

Nadia told a funny story about how her school friends had thought her dad was a lodger as he spent a lot of time at home in a bathrobe as an out-of-work actor.

Nadia was also surprised by her dad, Nadim, on the show (Credit: ITV)

But as she was telling her story, her dad appeared behind her.

Clearly taken back by the surprise, Nadia said: "Oh my God. Dad!" as she rushed over to hug him.

She admitted: "I’m so overwhelmed. I literally can't believe this! I've always wanted to get him here in the studio. What a lovely time we've had!"

Nadia was overcome with emotion as she hugged her dad (Credit: ITV)

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Revealing she often uses a phrase of his on the show - ‘Do you want the fight with the gatekeeper or do you want the grapes?’ - she asked him to explain what it actually means.

Nadim said: “You followed that? Well done. It means, you know, go for the heart of the matter. Choose your battles.”

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