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Kim Woodburn walks off Loose Women set after row with Coleen Nolan

She wasn't ready to settle things with Coleen

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Kim Woodburn became emotional and walked off Wednesday’s Loose Women after an explosive reunion with Coleen Nolan.

Last year, Kim and Coleen had a string of furious rows during their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, with Kim once calling Coleen a “two-faced maggot”, and they’ve been on less than friendly terms ever since.

And it seems Kim is not ready to settle things with Coleen, as she raged at her for making her life “hell” and “bullying her with seven other people” during their time in the house.

Coleen Nolan on LW
Coleen said she wanted to draw the line under what happened between her and Kim (Credit: ITV)

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As panellist Janet Street Porter attempted to end their feud, Kim was having none of it.

She asked Coleen: “You wanted me here, what have you go to say? I didn’t ask to be here, folks.”

Just before Kim, 76, addressed Coleen, she took on Linda Robson for telling her that Coleen had admitted to being two-faced on the show.

She told Linda: “You’re another one that’s putting the phoney act on.”

Kim Woodburn and Linda Robson on LW
Kim even tried to row with Linda (Credit: ITV)

Coleen said: “I think Kim’s right, I was two-faced with Kim in the house. I tried to be the peacemaker because everybody was rowing.

“I think Kim very, very cleverly came in to play, ‘oh look at me, I’m being bullied everybody’s picking on me’ in the hope that [producers] weren’t showing that she came in like a demon from day one.

“We were near the end [of the show] and I just couldn’t stand it any more. So, if that makes me two-faced then I guess I was two-faced.”

Kim hit back: “You know what you did,” before Coleen interrupted: “I’ll tell you what I did, I didn’t tell you how vile you were from day one! You’re horrible and self-centered.”

Coleen Nolan, Janet SP and Kim Woodburn on LW
Kim accused Coleen of bullying her in the CBB house (Credit: ITV)

Coleen’s sister Linda Nolan then said Kim “has no talent” to which Kim replied: “That alone tells how stupid you are. What is your talent?”

Linda hit back by saying she had sold 25 million records across the world.

As the audience laughed, Kim said: “You folks can laugh all you want but I’m going to tell you something then I’m going to go.

“I had a very very sad childhood, I had a brutal childhood.”

As Kim became emotional about the abuse she suffered, Coleen whispered: “We got this every day as well.”

Kim W on LW
Kim said being in the house brought back horrible memories from her childhood (Credit: ITV)

Kim then started to become teary to which Birds of a Feather actress Linda tried to console her by putting her arm around her.

But, Kim hit her arm away and said: “Don’t be two-faced! Don’t comfort me.

“A brutal rotten childhood. I can’t describe what I went through. I went in that house and all the memories of those years came back with the bullying they were doing to me.

“I was very upset in that house but I pretended I wasn’t. They picked on me.”

When asked why she just didn’t leave the house, Kim replied: “I wanted the money.”

Kim Woodburn on LW
Kim storm off stage following the explosive row (Credit: ITV)

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Kim then said she doesn’t want to draw a line under what happened between her and Coleen.

She ranted: “I will never forget what she and the likes of seven other people put me through because it was bloody cruel. [Coleen’s] a con artist.”

Kim got up out of her seat and stormed off as Coleen tried to tell viewers what was coming up after the break.

Kim shouted: “You are trash!”

A representative for Kim told ED!: “Kim was invited onto Loose Women as she was told Coleen wanted to hold peace talks with her. When she arrived this morning, Kim was briefed and told Coleen would speak first and give her reasons for their row. She was told Coleen wanted to bury the hatchet.

“However when Kim walked on set, Coleen refused to speak first and made Kim do all the talking. This left Kim on the spot and out of her depth. This incident has left Kim incredibly upset and she feels disappointed with what happened.”

A spokesperson for Loose Women said: “Kim agreed to come onto the panel today at the invitation of the producers on the understanding it was for a reconciliation with Coleen. Kim becoming upset was never the intention and the panel did endeavour to comfort her.  She was offered counselling after the show, which she declined.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV1.

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