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Wednesday 29th January 2020

Coleen Nolan says Camilla will never be Queen as she's "the other woman"

The Loose Women audience also had their say.

Coleen Nolan has said that the Duchess of Cornwall could become Queen because she is "the other woman".

In fact, the entire audience said there is no way they would want her to be our monarch.

The Loose Women audience do not want Camilla as Queen. (Credit: ITV)

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On today's show, the ladies at lunch discussed the reports that the Queen is thinking about stepping down as monarch and letting son Prince Charles take over.

Meaning that Camilla would be Queen.

Hardly anybody ever wants to see this happen, Loose Women's survey has revealed. (Credit: ITV)

The idea of this went didn't go down well with the assembled audience, who booed and jeered every time poor Camilla's name was mentioned.

The show also conducted an online survey of 23,000 and asked them if they'd want Camilla to be queen.

The other woman is never accepted, is she really? Especially with women.

A massive 86% said no they wouldn't want her to be queen or consort.

Then Christine Lampard put the question the audience in the studio who once again overwhelmingly disagreed with Camilla stepping into the role.

The Loose Women studio audience booed and jeered Camilla. (Credit: ITV)

Only two people actually said they would be happy for Camilla to reign with Charles.

During the discussion the Loose Women talked about how the public were just not willing to forgive Charles and Camilla for their ongoing affair while Charles was married to Diana.

Coleen argued it was strange that people tended to blame Camilla more for the affair when in actual fact Charles was responsible too.

The 52-year-old CBB star also said: "The other woman is never accepted, is she really? Especially with women. It’s amazing actually that when a man has an affair, most women hate the other woman rather than the man. She led him on, she knew he was married.

"But I always go, ‘But he knew he was married as well.’ I think it’s harsh, it’s really harsh on her. It’s just how the whole royal system works."

Coleen was stunned that people blame Camilla more than Charles for the affair. (Credit: ITV)

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However, when the audience were asked if they were happy for Charles to become king it appeared he was just as unpopular as his current wife.

Coleen argued that Charles "should take over as he had worked all his life to become king", while guest Loose Women Kacey Ainsworth said she also wouldn't want William and Kate to take over just yet because they had a young family and should enjoy that first!