Carol McGiffin and Kaye Adams

Loose Women stars Carol McGiffin and Kaye Adams end their ‘feud’ live on air

They're letting bygones be bygones

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Presenters Carol McGiffin and Kaye Adams hugged it out live on Loose Women as they put their ‘feud’ behind them.

The co-hosts have a history of clashing on the show, but on today’s (20.12.19) episode they decided to embrace the Christmas spirit and let bygones be bygones.

loose women
Kaye and Carol often clash on the programme (Credit: ITV)

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The panellists were talking about Boris Johnson‘s frosty relationship with Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn – and how the latter looked “stony faced” as he walked beside the PM at Parliament on the day of the Queen’s speech.

“We’re told that Christmas is a time for goodwill,” Kaye said. “I’m not sure if Jeremy Corbyn got the memo. He was seen looking stony faced as he walked in silence to the Queen’s speech alongside Boris Johnson.

We do love each other really, don’t we?

“In that spirit, Carol, come on big girl…”

The two then stood and threw their arms around each other, as their fellow panelists Stacey Solomon and Kelle Bryan smiled and the audience applauded.

They sad back down and Carol confessed: “We do love each other really, don’t we?”

Carol McGiffin and Kaye Adams
They hugged it out (Credit: ITV)

The pair are often seen bickering on the panel show.

In September, Carol lashed out at Kaye and branded her “annoying” in a heated debate about Boris Johnson – and whether or not he should apologise for comments he made about murdered MP Jo Cox.

During a speech in the House of Commons, Mr Johnson said “the best way to honour” her memory would be to “get Brexit done”.

The panellists were divided over his remarks and presenter Nadia Sawalha admitted they all had a “massive row” in the morning before the show even aired.

Carol ranted, “We can’t put it all down to Boris Johnson” but Kaye interrupted, “I wasn’t going to.”

Carol McGiffin
Earlier this year, they butted heads in a heated debate about Boris Johnson (Credit: ITV)

Carol continued: “But everybody is. All the newspapers and everything is about Boris Johnson causing all this bad language.

“The other side are almost worse with the way they talk about other MPs. I won’t name any names but they’ve made terrible remarks that they don’t ever have to apologise for.”

Kaye insisted: “I’m not in any way putting the blame at his door but having said that, to get us all of of this situation that we’ve got into, we need a leader.

Carol McGiffin
Their row in September saw Carol brand Kaye “annoying” (Credit: ITV)

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“We need somebody to lead us out of this. Anyway moving on, I’ve got some good news for you Carol.”

Carol didn’t look too impressed and snapped, “Have you? What?” as the audience laughed.

Carol then said: “No, you’re just too annoying! You’ve always got to get the last word in so nobody else can challenge or argue with you.”

The audience gasped as Carol asked them, “She does, doesn’t she?!” and Kaye replied: “Go on then, it’s all yours.”

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