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Friday 22nd November 2019

Jeremy Kyle guest reveals tattoo of presenter's face on his BOTTOM!

The talkshow host got up close and personal with the inking

Sometimes being a TV star seems like an amazing job. And then - at other times - it really, really doesn't.

Viewers of The Jeremy Kyle Show on Wednesday were left astonished by a guest who had Jeremy's FACE tattooed on his actual bottom.

Jeremy was amused by the tatt (Credit: ITV)

The amused talkshow host first welcomed the tattoo artist responsible, who said he was a "massive, massive fan" of Jez.

The guest, "George" said he had run a competition for one, er, 'lucky' winner to get an inking of Jezza's face, with 20 people entering within minutes.

The engaged 53-year-old then welcomed Newcastle resident Ryan Porter, who grinned as he joined the presenter on set.

The talkshow host has featured some interesting guests before, but this might top the list... (Credit: ITV)

Ryan pulled down his trousers, and Jeremy posed beside the buttock-tattoo.

Actually quite fancy this tattoo dude on Jeremy Kyle.

Jez demanded to know "WHY?!" he'd done it, as the guest insisted he was a big fan of the tattoo artist - not because he was a JK viewer.

She loves the show (Credit: ITV)

Jeremy then welcomed another guest who has a tattoo on her back. This one features Jez hugging crew member Steve, who does on-set security. The laughing host told both guests: "I think you all look fantastic."

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Fans watching the controversial show at home were in shock over the incident, with one writing: "Flipping hell!!! This tattoo guy on Jeremy Kyle 😩😍😩 #jeremykyle."

Jez got up close and personal with the man's bottom (Credit: ITV)

Another said: "#jeremykyle omg people having tattoos of him WTF." A third said: "I don't have a problem with tattoos, however I don't agree with face tattoos or tattoos of Jezza anywhere on your body #jeremykyle."

Some couldn't believe it was real, commenting: "#jeremykyle you so know a fake tattoo is coming."

Another wrote: "No amount of money would make me get a tattoo like that, or of anyone really, not just Jeremy Kyle #jeremykyle."

Ryan said he was a big fan of the tattoo artist (Credit: ITV)

A few enjoyed it, with one tweeting: "Actually quite fancy this tattoo dude on Jeremy Kyle 😘 #jeremykyle."

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