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Saturday 19th January 2019

Susanna Reid forced to apologise for blunders live on air

It was one problem after another on Thursday morning

Good Morning Britain is meant to be a morning news show, but Thursday's episode was more a comedy of errors, as a series of blunders left presenter Susanna Reid red-faced.

In fact, she was forced to apologise more than once, as they faced problems with the theme music, wonky cameras, incorrect links, and even a broken chair.

The camera suddenly tilted as it panned to the panel (credit: ITV)

Firstly, when Susanna, 47, was introducing a segment on actor Warwick Davis nearly losing his wife to meningitis, they played a video of Theresa May dancing instead.

It was followed by an awkward silence from Susanna and her co-presenter Ben Shephard, as the theme music cut-out early, leaving the intro out of sync.

As if that wasn't enough, a camera tilted as it panned in close to the panel.

That definitely isn't the right caption (credit: ITV)

An embarrassed-looking Susanna joked: "It feels like we should should have had the Mama Mia music there," referring to the Prime Minister's speech yesterday, where she walked on stage to the ABBA track.

We've had a few technical problems from 8 o'clock today, we're not sure why.

Shortly afterwards, as their correspondent spoke about Russian cyber attacks, the screen went black and his report was cut short, leaving the presenters looking puzzled.

The screen went black and the segment was cut short (credit: ITV)

"I'm terribly sorry for the technical trouble we’re having this morning,” said Susannah. "And especially ironic, considering the subject matter!"

Even more embarrassing was when Warwick and his wife, Sammy arrived on set for their interview.

Once again, the theme music faltered, as the camera caught Ben trying to fix the actor's broken chair.

Cameras caught Ben trying to fix the broken chair (credit: ITV)

It didn't work and Warwick was stuck sitting much lower than his wife. He joked: "I feel very short today", as Ben explained: "We've had problems with our chairs, very sorry."

Susanna apologised again, saying: "We're sorry about that. We've had a few technical problems from 8 o'clock today, we're not sure why."

Warwick laughed off the blunder (credit: ITV)

Viewers flooded Twitter to ask what was going on.

One wrote: "@GMB Technical issues with a chair? 😂 Lmao. How difficult is it to sort out an appropriate seat? Good job your guests had a sense of humour! #Embarrassing".

Another added: "When #GMB play the wrong graphics for the story 😕".

Viewers were amused and confused (credit: Twitter)

A third wrote: "Haha! Did anyone catch @GMB a few minutes ago? They got the video clip sequence wrong and described @theresa_may dancing as having Meningitis", while others accused producers of hitting "the wrong button 😂".

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It's been a haphazard week for the GMB team, after Piers Morgan was a no-show on Wednesday.

Viewers were confused when they switched on their TVs to see Ben covering Piers' usual seat.

Susanna joked with Ben about Piers' no-show (credit: ITV)

One tweeted: "As much as I love Ben, where is Piers? Doesn't he do Wednesdays anymore?"

Another added: "Where is Piers this morning, thought I had slept really well & missed Wednesday out completely!!🤣🤣."

A third wrote: "Send a search party out for @piersmorgan, it's Wednesday and he's not on #GMB should we report him missing, very unusual for Piers? Concerned viewer here."

Piers was busy playing golf (credit: ITV)

The remaining presenters joked about his absence as the show began. Ben explained: "I got a phone call saying they've had enough, he's gone! He's out."

Susannah applauded, as he continued: "That's it. [They told me] 'Get back in the studio. We need a mid-week respite!'"

Don't worry Piers-fans, he'll be back soon (credit: ITV)

Piers had actually explained his forthcoming absence on Twitter, telling fans he was watching a golf tournament in Scotland.

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The presenters handled the problems well, but let's hope they get their systems sorted in time for tomorrow's show...

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