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Friday 13th December 2019

Piers Morgan left red-faced over Good Morning Britain 'tick'

He was in a right pickle

Presenter Piers Morgan was left rather red-faced when his co-workers pointed out how much he uses the word "right" when hosting Good Morning Britain.

The 54-year-old admitted it's a bit of a "problem" after it was revealed that he said the word nearly 50 times on the breakfast show yesterday.

It comes after Piers slammed this year's Love Island contestants for overusing the word "like". So, his co-host Susanna Reid went on a mission to find out exactly how many times the broadcaster uses his favourite word!

Susanna pulled up Piers on his habit (Credit: ITV)

GMB's showbiz presenter Richard Arnold explained: "On the subject of Love Island, yesterday you were criticising the use of the word 'like'.

"We mentioned it several times yesterday - there were 87 'likes' in Monday's episode.

"Susanna challenged the editorial team to find out how many times you use the word 'right' when you are trying to land a gag or deliver a point - this is the count so far..."

A montage of the previous day's show then appeared on screen, revealing that Piers had blurted out "right" 48 times in two hours.

Producers totted up Piers' "right"- spree with a montage (Credit: ITV)

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Visibly shocked by the revelation, Piers uttered: "Wow, that's quite upsetting."

Susanna then dished up some home truths and told Piers: "You do use it like 'like'".

Piers agreed but revealed it wasn't the first time he has been told about the verbal "tick".

He explained that TV presenter Des Lynham pulled him up on his use of "right" earlier in the year. He said Des sent him an email advising him to "stop it".

Acknowledging his habit, Piers then declared he will make a conscious effort to curb it.

Wow, that's quite upsetting.

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He went on: "Clearly from that appallingly horrifying clip you've just been showing me I have a problem.

"Unlike Love Island where their 'like' problem is endemic and irredeemable, they can't cure themselves because they're not prepared to. I am focused now on dealing with my issue with the word 'right'. I am working on this... Sometimes you can use it legitimately."

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