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Monday 17th June 2019

Piers Morgan launches another astonishing rant at Holly Willoughby after she trashed his Life Stories set

He isn't going to let her get away with it!

Piers Morgan isn't going to let Holly Willoughby get away with trashing his Life Stories set.

During last week's Celebrity Juice, Holly and co-star Paddy McGuinness destroyed the set after host Keith Lemon ordered them to wreak havoc.

During Good Morning Britain last week, Piers vowed "revenge" on Holly and Paddy telling them he would "be coming for you shortly".

And during today's show, Piers issued another warning to the pair.

Piers issued another warning to Holly and Paddy (Credit: ITV)

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GMB showed a clip of entertainment correspondent Richard Arnold spraying silly string on the Celebrity Juice set as payback for Piers.

But Holly wasn't impressed and said: "Well I think Piers needs to try a bit harder than that actually, that's a bit..."

Richard interrupted: "Oh is that a challenge?" to which she replied: "Definitely."

And Piers was ready for revenge, as he said on today's show: "Let me tell you 'definitely' Holly Willoughby, I'm coming.

"Revenge is a dish best tasted ice cold."

Holly and Paddy trashed Piers' Life Stories set (Credit: ITV)

It comes after Holly and Paddy took on the task without hesitation during Celebrity Juice.

As they destroyed cushions and threw toilet paper all over the set, Paddy shouted: "[Expletive] you, Morgan."

Well I think Piers needs to try a bit harder than that actually.

During Good Morning Britain last week, Piers had told the pair: "Two words, McGuinness, Willoughby. Dead meat.

"Revenge is a dish best tasted cold. Chillingly cold. You’ve just sentenced yourselves, the pair of you, to a lifetime of hell. And I’ll be coming for you shortly.

"I have a very simple mantra, never forgive and never forget. Particularly never forget."

Holly wasn't impressed by Richard's payback (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile during Tuesday's show, Piers was left red-faced after claiming he has a "massive organ".

The presenter, 54, made his joke in response to a remark that Sue Perkins made about him during last year's Bafta awards.

The show aired a clip of Sue saying at last year's ceremony: "Tonight, of course, I am having to work alongside a massive organ.

"Now I know how Susanna Reid feels on Good Morning Britain."

But Piers wasn't happy with her remark and hit back: "Smug Sue Perkins has been elbowed off presenting the Bafta TV awards, of which we have been nominated twice. I think it is because of this joke.

Piers was left bright faced after claiming he has a "massive organ" (Credit: ITV)

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"That was probably the only laugh she got all night."

His co-star Susanna Reid asked: "Why would you be offended by references to a massive organ?"

Piers replied: "Nothing, I just wondered how she knew."

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